A partnership towards the specific, further development of our standard software

Sponsoring: Sponsorship is the support given by individuals, a group of people, an organisation or an event by an individual, an organisation or a commercially oriented company in the form of money, goods and services with the expectation of receiving something in return that supports their own communication and marketing objectives. Source: Wikipedia (DE)

Sponsored Development encompasses the development of certain features or feature sets for our standard products, the cost of which is carried by the customer.  The customer therefore assumes responsibility, i.e. the sponsoring of that development.

The benefit to the customer of such a venture is that they will have influence over the functionality of our standard software.  The features that we want to implement will be planned together with the customer who will then take on the finished product after successful development.

The new feature or add on will be integrated into the standard software and will be made available to the customer in the longterm as a component without the customer needing to install additional software without extra costs for the administration of said software.

The customer will not need to plan for additional costs for compatibility issues related to any future Confluence or Jira releases.  This feature then becomes a part of the software. 

Additionally, we guarantee a fixed date of completion when they decide to partner with us for a Sponsored Development project.  That way, the customer not only has influence over the contents of our roadmap but also over the timeframe in which a feature will be released.

Advantages of Sponsored Development:

  • Direct influence over the functionality of our standard software
  • Partnership and cooperation of the drafting up of the desired feature(s)
  • Testing and purchase of features after completion
  • Guaranteed release date of desired feature(s)
  • Longterm administration of the feature(s) without additional costs
  • No need for additional software


In the past we made Sponsored Development available through Crowdfunding projects, through which, several customers could pool their resources and finance the development of the software. As of 2020 we are no longer offering this as an option.  This is because the effort needed to coordinate such a project was fairly high and the expectations of all involved were very specific.  

Due to those factors, we now offer Sponsored Development to individual customers who are already using the software more extensively. This leads to a much closer partnership with better communication.

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