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This part of the workshop covers the scenarios and settings for implementing an extranet in Confluence.

What to consider when working with Confluence as an extranet

  • From which user directory do the internal and external users come from?
  • Can external/internal users be added locally in Confluence?
    • If so, can the space administrator add external users?
  • Are there any existing spaces that need to be migrated to an extranet?
  • Who manages the external spaces?

Assignable roles

  • Reader (default): Purely read-only permissions.
  • Commenter: Lets the user write comments and upload attachments.
  • External editor: May also create and edit pages, but may not delete pages or attachments.
  • Internal editor: May also delete pages or attachments.
  • Space administrator: May additionally manage the space, i.e. add users, adjust permissions and export the space.
  • Confluence administrator:
    • Create a new extranet space using a wizard.
    • Add new or existing extranet users to a space with a selection mask.
    • Assign a space administrator to an extranet, who can add extranet users without needing full Confluence administrator rights (optional)

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Features of Space Privacy

  • Restrict macros (inside extranet spaces - not in general (intranet) spaces)
    • Activity Stream
    • Blog Post
    • User Profile
    • Content by Label
    • Contributers (Summary)
    • Global Reports
    • Live Search
    • Recently Updated (Dashboard)
    • Search Results
    • Task Reports
  • Restrict the share function
  • Restrict mentions
  • Restrict the user directory
  • Restrict the full-text search
  • Restrict the quick search
  • Restrict profile access via an URL
  • Collaborate with users only within their extranet spaces
  • All internal employees have access
  • All internal employees can view and contact all extranet users

Your extranet spaces

Space details

Space nameSpace keyDescription

Assign roles

Space nameRoleGroup/User

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