Working in a great environment

We could start now by saying that we "strive to always incorporate the latest research in motivational psychology and employee motivation into our concepts." But really, we just want one thing: for you to feel good and enjoy working with us!

These are the soft factors that characterize a workplace at Seibert Media.


From the moment you start, you're part of an autonomous team that organizes its projects according to agile methods (scrum, kanban, mixed forms). This means real collaboration with a lot of personal responsibility and freedom to make decisions without deadlines and deadline stress.


Our office in Wiesbaden's LuisenForum (an indoor shopping center) has a huge terrace that can be accessed from most areas in the office. When the weather is nice, our colleagues can grab their laptops and head outside to fully enjoy the view over the roofs of the city in some very comfortable seats. Isn't WIFI great?

Don't miss out on that, when you visit us in Germany!


Close your eyes for a moment and imagine: no one telling you what to do, free decisions, extensive decision-making authority, self-sufficient teams, encouragement to take responsibility, constructive and non-political handling of mistakes… Sounds good? That's how autonomously you work here!


Everyone is very friendly, but that's not what we mean with "Buddies". When someone has finished their probation period, they look for a Buddy who looks after their well-being, can answer any questions they may have (after 6 months you'll know a lot, but probably not everything), and support them when there's a problem or they're facing challenges. This person is usually someone who's worked at the company for quite a while and knows all the ins and outs. The system is based on trust, reliability, close communication and cooperation.


Apart from appointments with clients, we don't have a dress code. If you feel comfortable in a suit, come in a suit. If you feel more comfortable in a onesie, wear one. If you prefer to walk around in jeans and a band shirt, you come in jeans and a band shirt.


All employees can continue their education and acquire relevant certificates during their working hours. For example, numerous colleagues have already acquired Scrum certifications as part of training courses organized by Seibert Media. You actually have time for further training - and all external training opportunities are paid for by the company, of course. What you actually do is up to you, in consultation with your team and your Buddy.


No, we're not cheap, but public transport will be, if you work for us! Because all employees who travel a lot can get a discount on public transport. Of course you can use this privately as well.
Our employees based in Germany use the "Job-Ticket". There will be others solutions for you, if you're deployed abroad.


Everyone knows how complicated it can be to balance family and work. With us, kids are welcome! For example, if you don't know where to leave your kids during the vacations, just bring them to the office. You can "park" your little ones in our ball pool and work in the glass office next door while you keep an eye on them. 
We call it work-life-romance. 


Our offices are centrally located in the city of Wiesbaden and are easily accessible by car and public transport. There are plenty of parking spaces available around the LuisenForum. The company contributes 50% of the parking space fees.

If you work for us in the U.S. or Canada, you can do so from your home office.


Communication is important when working in a team, but so is being able to concentrate. Every employee can set up "quiet hours" during which he or she can work undisturbed. During these periods, they are "isolated" from other employees so that they can completely concentrate on their tasks. To make this work as well as possible, we even have quiet workspaces.


In summer you can enjoy your break on our rooftop terrace of the HQ in Wiesbaden, or even work there. There's WIFI and comfortable seating. Oh, and you'll find some nice cold ice cream in our kiosk!


At Seibert Media, you can expect varied projects without monotony and routine - that alone means working with customers in different industries, each with their own unique requirements. 


We want to develop further and also constantly optimize the working environment. You always have the opportunity to make suggestions on how and by what means the conditions at Seibert Media can be further improved, and to work on these together with others. And such ideas are not taken half-heartedly, because as they're part of our AgileOrg improvement process, we actually deal with them and implement what's possible and makes sense.


On the first Wednesday of every month, we have TechTalk & Beer. This is where colleagues and sometimes external guests share their experiences with current technical topics in a relaxed atmosphere. A nice opportunity to discuss new perspectives as a techie and to broaden your horizons as an ambitious non-tech person.


We offer interested employees the opportunity to become self-employed during their employment with us or to work as an employee like an entrepreneur without any risk.

Family friendly

We believe we have a social responsibility to help people with children achieve a work-life balance. That's why we've been looking at how we can support parents-to-be to find their own baby-work-life stability!


Working 9 to 5? What's that? Our working hours are as flexible and varied as our people. If you prefer to sleep longer, you come in later; if you want to get home earlier, you come in early. Or do you want to work from home for a day every now and then? No problem - just coordinate with your team.


On Valentine's Day, our UFO team will provide bouquets of flowers for your loved ones. So you can give your partner a nice gift  without any hustle and bustle at the end of the day.

And most importantly: you won't forget! :D


At our offices in Wiesbaden we provide various products free of charge: Drinks of all kinds, fruit, cereals, milk, coffee and a huge range of teas.


Permanent employees have the opportunity to secure their retirement through a company pension plan. On request, we also participate in capital-forming benefits.

Ground coffee

Sometimes you have to go all out, right? That's what we thought, and we didn't hesitate: Our barista-style high-end coffee machine is a popular meeting place for colleagues who see coffee as more than just a pick-me-up. #coffeefirst


No one wants you to get sick, especially when it's easily avoidable! Seibert Media offers a yearly flu shot for all of our colleagues. This way, you're protected against the Influenza virus and as a side benefit  you save waiting time at the doctor's office.


We'll get books and other media materials that interest you and are related to our fields of activity quickly, and make them available for free (to borrow) in our library.


We don't have any secrets. Everything is on the table. All our colleagues know about the company's results, the project budgets and other state of affairs. Transparency is a top priority here!

Jack of all trades

Where your path with us takes you is entirely up to you. A change of team? A different technical direction? Work on a new product? All doors are open to you and you will receive support.


Our IT equipment is up to date. Every workstation has several monitors, ergonomic chairs and functioning IT stuff. You also choose which computer or smartphone you want to use. No matter if you're an Apple fan, a Windows fan or an advocate of Linux - you will receive your device for unrestricted use, even privately. #bam


We get along without hierarchies, meet each other at eye level and maintain a friendly and personal relationship with each other. That's why we're also very informal. With everyone.


Temporary contracts are rare for us. We want to work successfully with you for a long time. That's why employment contracts are generally permanent from the first contract extension onwards.


With us, everyone is important. No one is left to fend for themselves. At Seibert Media, people know each other, they can contribute and have the chance to grow with the company.


Dog, cat or whatever (but preferably non-exotic) pet you have - in case you don't know what to do with your fur baby while you're at work, we'll find a cozy place in the office. Many colleagues love cuddling with friendly animals! Of course, you should discuss this closely with your team if necessary.


All drinks are free. That of course includes cold drinks to cool down in summer, like several kinds of soda, lemonade, whatever. They don't cost you one cent.


In cooperation with an experienced physical therapist, every employee has the opportunity to get a relaxing massage. Three times per week, Kathrin visits us on our premises and dedicates herself to the well-being of colleagues who have registered for the 20-minute kneading session. It is free for all employees! 

NOTE: only available in our Wiesbaden HQ.


Our offices in Wiesbaden are representative and beautiful - let's just say we have the coolest office in town!

You will work in spacious, modern and bright offices with a view of the city of Wiesbaden, which leave room for concentration and solo work as well as for exchange and communication within the team. A spacious roof terrace is open to all colleagues.


We give contributions back, especially to those connected to our environment.  We regularly donate to Wikipedia, implement charitable projects with "Wiesbaden Engagiert!", teach kids how to program free of charge in our offices, and make discarded, fully functional computers available to charitable institutions.


Our employees organize three to four larger events and recreational activities for all colleagues per year, and more or less regularly, privately organized meetings take place in small or large circles. These include film and game nights, foosball tournaments, ski trips, playing soccer, jogging in the park, climbing parties, yoga courses, chess, poker and more. We watch the soccer European and World Championships in the office, have a summer party every year, visit fairs and Christmas markets, and and and - there are no limits to the ideas.


We provide new employees with a guide. This person will introduce you to the relevant processes at Seibert Media. This way, you are quickly up to speed and always know who can help you when you have a specific question. This doesn't mean that other colleagues won't be happy to help you out though.


We have our own (mixed) soccer team that has fun together off and on the field. Of course, we are always interested in defensive backs, midfield orchestrators and lightning-fast wingers. But this is not limited to kicking: For example, a steadfast group meets almost every week for jogging and even for stair runs ( O_ o ), others go to yoga together. Join us - or propose your own sporting


At Seibert Media, your job is secure. We have been successful since 1996, are growing organically and don't start any experiments that could make us over-extend ourselves.


Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us. It's part of our corporate strategy and our corporate culture. That's why we want to promote sustainability both within the company and across corporate boundaries.

In concrete terms, this means…

…initiating discussion and interaction within the company.

…gaining and sharing more knowledge and expertise on the topic

…to develop and implement improvements.

…to build up a network or to have public relations.


None of us need to wonder what a colleague does to earn their salary or what the status of a certain project is. Each team documents its projects and results extensively on the intranet, in Jira and, if necessary, also on the extranet.


Need a specific software? A ticket for a certain conference? A reference book? You can quickly buy smaller purchases yourself in coordination with your team - unbureaucratically and without a grueling approval process for every pen.


There's no backstabbing, secrecy or envy among us. We all work towards the same goals, and when we achieve them, everyone benefits. Our employees like each other. In a unique atmosphere, you work - with all professionalism - with friends instead of just colleagues. If you have ever suffered from internal mottos like "That's the way it is and that's the way it stays", you'll be positively surprised with the unmistakably friendly atmosphere within and between the teams at Seibert Media, where respect, togetherness and common goals are absolutely vital. … And now you can cry happy tears :D


There's no backstabbing, secrecy or envy among us. We all work towards the same goals, and when we achieve them, everyone benefits. Our employees like each other. In a unique atmosphere, you work - with all professionalism - with friends instead of just colleagues. If you have ever suffered from internal mottos like "That's the way it is and that's the way it stays", you'll be positively surprised with the unmistakably friendly atmosphere within and between the teams at Seibert Media, where respect, togetherness and common goals are absolutely vital. … And now you can cry happy tears :D


In addition to seminars and lectures of professional interest, our colleagues and external speakers also offer training courses that are useful in private life. These include language courses, legal and tax tips for employees, cooking workshops, etc.


For a vitamin kick to keep you going, our team UFO (United Feelgood Office) provides fresh fruits and vegetables all day. You can also stock up on sweets and energy foods from our kiosk. But of course, you don't have to only put sweet stuff into your body - in the morning, you can buy freshly made sandwiches at cost price.

NOTE: only available in our Wiesbaden offices.


We share our knowledge with the world through our weblog, our YouTube channel, our interactive webinars and our podcasts, and you're welcome to contribute.

Willing to change

A company that has existed for more than 20 years in our fast-moving, complex market must constantly reinvent itself. The Seibert Media you join tomorrow will be completely different in a few years. That's cool too, because we love change!


Every day we have good and varied lunches delivered to the office, and there are always several options. The meals are subsidized by the company. If there is nothing you like, you can also get a voucher at the kiosk, which is also sponsored by Seibert Media. You can redeem this at various partners and restaurants outside the office.

Soft Facts

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