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Regularly, at Seibert Media, there are events for our employees, where we do things together and celebrate. Here are some impressions from past events and outings with our colleagues and friends. Some you can only participate in when visiting the office, others are remote and open to everyone.



“School’s out – Hello Summer!” To properly kick off the summer and semester break, there was a fantastic cocktail party. Spread across two floors, there were personal cocktail creations or professionally mixed classics by the bartender. The rooftop terrace and kitchen on the 2nd floor provided a relaxed house party vibe, while the event space turned into a club and invited everyone to dance.

New Years Party

To celebrate the new year once again with all employees and their loved ones, we organized a New Year's party with the theme "The Voice of Seibert Media." At this karaoke night, our team members could showcase their singing talents and rocked the stage. Of course, Team Foodie also provided delicious food. Overall, it was a very successful evening!



To truly get into the Christmas spirit, we organized a few events for our employees:

We started with a group visit to the Wiesbaden Christmas market. On December 6th, Santa Claus traditionally visited our office and gifted us with socks, chocolate, and mandarins. Next, we had a Family Advent Coffee at the headquarters and a Gin Cocktail Evening. Of course, the Seibert Secret Santa couldn't be missed, and our Advent festivities concluded with an internal Christmas market on our terrace: We enjoyed the pre-Christmas time with punch and waffles in a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere.

Honey Harvest

At Seibert Media, we have our own field – and on it, we also have wildflower meadows where our bees reside. In total, there are five colonies there that produce a lot of honey, which can also be "harvested" regularly. So, twice a year, in spring and late summer, it's time for us to say: Go for Gold! Well, depending on the season, the colors of honey also vary, ranging from pale yellow to golden yellow. This is due, among other things, to the different types of pollen our bees collect.

Just recently, our beekeeper Tom, along with the Foodie Team, Sustainability Team, and the "AckerSchnackers," harvested the late summer honey. We were surprised ourselves at how diligent the bees were! The honey was filled into our own honey jars, and all the helpers got to take a jar home as a reward.

Team America visits Wiesbaden

Some of our employees live in America and work fully remotely. Last week, they were our guests - and of course, we took the opportunity to show them our beautiful Wiesbaden!

First, we had a city tour where we walked from the office to the marketplace and all the way to the Kurhaus. After that, we went up to Neroberg for a sundowner. We also had a little trip to the Rheingau region: together, we went to Rüdesheim to visit the Niederwalddenkmal monument. And what was a must? A party! Under the theme "Come as you are," we rocked the dance floor and fired up the karaoke machine.

It was a wonderful week! See you next time!

Mountain Tour

Being outdoors and enjoying nature, looking at life from a different (or at least higher) perspective, forgetting the (work) routine for a few hours - that's exactly what you achieve with a hike in the Alps.

That's why 13 employees at Seibert Media joined together and went on a group mountain tour in July this year.

Virtual Run 2022

This year too, we participated together in a virtual run. Our employees run, jog, or hike, and Seibert Media donates for a good cause, following the motto "Together for a good cause".

Women in Tech Night

In response to the question "Why should women join IT?" we answer, "Why not?!" And because a simple counter-question isn't enough for us, we've taken concrete action:

This year, we organized our Women in Tech Night '22 for exactly this purpose. Fantastic speakers from various fields of the industry provided insights into the challenges and opportunities for women in tech professions – both on-site in Wiesbaden and remotely for everyone at home! Our new headquarters was brimming with wonderful people who wanted to learn more about women in the IT industry and share their experiences.

We thank you for the fantastic evening! 🚀

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