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Scrum Master / Agile Coach 


Coach and organization consultant M.A. Sarah Boost is part of the //SEIBERT/MEDIA team since 2015. Her main focuses are staff, team and organization developments. As an expert of "New Work" and "digital Transformation" she supervises processes of change and supports employees, teams and organizations at finding and realizing the right way of agility".


Work Experience

since 2015: ScrumMaster and Coach at //SEIBERT/MEDIA
since 2014: Coaching and organization consultant at Beratung Rhein-Main
2013 - 2015: International Project Managerin at iMi digital GmbH
2012 - 2013: Key Account Managerin at Alnatura Produktions- und Handels GmbH
2011 - 2012: Head of Marketing & Business Development at SamedayLogistics GmbH
2009 - 2010: Customer Support & Marketing at Clearwater Cruises New Zealand
2006 - 2009: Tourism Management at Wiesbaden Marketing GmbH


2013 - 2016: Coaching, Supervision and organization consulting at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences - Master of Arts M.A.
2006 - 2009: BWL: Main focused on Tourismus Management at DHBW Lörrach - Bachelor of Honours B.A.




Name: Sarah Boost
Position: Scrum Master/Coach
Employee since: 2015

Social Media: XingLinkedIn

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