It is our philosophy to not restrict our employees within a narrow framework. At Seibert Media, we do not have bureaucratic structures that make the advancement of employees a lengthy process in small steps, nor are we a large corporation where our colleagues are small and replaceable parts in a huge machine.

The success of our company benefits all of our colleagues. Each employee contributes directly to the company's success through their performance, and our compensation system ensures that our employees also directly benefit from it. We offer personal development opportunities and the possibility to grow together with the company. What comes after that?

Continue reading below to learn about how we proceed after the probationary period and how we organize feedback.

Your Beginning

During the initial phase, our employees are first supported by a pilot. This pilot is intended to help you have a good start with us. They will accompany you during your feedback discussions and will be your helping hand for any questions or obstacles.

And Then?

After your probationary period, it is time to choose a buddy. A buddy is there to support you with questions, problems, or other challenges and benevolently keeps an eye on you. They stand by your side, know you and your topics, and can and should communicate them to others. He or she has a sincere interest in your situation; in short, your buddy cares!

The selection of the buddy takes place at the end of the probationary period in coordination with the employee, pilot, and HR team. The buddy should be someone with whom you feel comfortable opening up and who you believe can handle your desires, needs, or concerns well. Buddies should have three fundamental tasks: being sensors to detect what occupies employees, dispatchers to find the right committees and people who can help process specific requests, and serving as an inbox for other employees, teams, or stakeholders to receive and sensibly pass on requirements.

How Can I Receive Feedback?

We have regular intervals for feedback meetings. These can be initiated by your buddy, but it is not required. This way, each colleague regularly receives feedback on how Seibert Media evaluates their importance and performance. It is always clear why they are rated the way they are and which achievements increase the chances of a promotion.

Our credo is not to hinder anyone's development. We consistently avoid opaque human resources practices, favoritism, and nepotism. With us, nobody clings to their chair, thus impeding the development opportunities of other colleagues.

To ensure fair and equitable movement for employees, we conduct regular salary checks and ensure that our employees are still sorted in the pearl necklace in a way that presents a good and fair picture.

In general, we reward responsibility, commitment, and performance and not calculation or negotiation skills. This is what we understand as fairness and perspective.


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This page was last edited on 08/22/2023.