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The client

CREATON TV is a project of CREATON AG, one of the biggest manufacturers of clay roof tiles in Germany. The business dates back to 1884 and employs 1,200 employees in ten locations. The headquarters of the company are in Wertingen near Augsburg.

The assignment

Development of an online video platform with a corresponding iPad and iPhone App, which CREATON AG uses to provide information about the company and their products, as well as simple access to installation guidelines.

The solution

//SEIBERT/MEDIA supported CREATON AG during the concept, design, and implementation phases of this platform, which was presented at a trade fair. Media-appropriate user guidance was a focus of the design, as well as seamless adaptation to use it as classical website, an app for a tablet or PC, and an app for a smartphone. The user can navigate between videos using the categories “news”, “products”, “technology” and “Creaton” and experience the company more closely. The technical platform for the web portal is Wordpress.

To the Website


CREATON TV is available both as website and a mobile app for the iPhone and iPad. For the implementation of the mobile apps, //SEIBERT/MEDIA collaborated with the company Spielhaus.

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