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The client

StepStone is Europe's job market for specialists and managers. StepStone is a competent partner for recruiting and career planning for both companies and job seekers. Founded in 1996 in Oslo, they are one of the pioneers of the recruitment industry. Companies can quickly and cost-effectively find qualified employees without having to go through complex recruitment procedures at StepStone. They list job vacancies for companies in all types of industries in Germany. StepStone is a reliable companion for career development, offering applicants and companies the latest information on recruitment processes.


The assignment

Development of an online application generator as a core application of the portal.

The solution

User experience

Using this web-based tool, job searchers can quickly and easily create a professional application with a cover sheet, CV and cover letter in five simple steps and send it directly by email.

At the center of this concept was the implementation of the requirement to guide the user through the individual phases of the application in a simple and straightforward way, pre-filling option and input fields with individual personal data and qualifications. On the basis of this information, a formal high-quality application is compiled automatically. The applicant can select from large number of different text modules to be used in the cover letter, which they can directly edit and further customize using an editor. Both the forms and the designs for the application templates are clear and intuitive. Design elements have been used sparingly, but effectively.

"Joy of Use: is ensured by the optimal process-oriented user-guidance. Tooltips offer hints for completing individual fields, photos can be uploaded and then cropped, and different design templates can be selected. Users can save, copy, edit and make notes using the application administration functions, as well as set appointments.


The graphical user interface was implemented with the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), with other tools at the backend, such as Hibernate for data storage, Oval for data validation, and Maven for built management. You can read more about the technical implementation in our blog article "Der StepStone-Bewerbungsgenerator – Technische Umsetzung in GWT" (in German).


"Jobseekers have created more than 100,000 applications in a short time using the StepStone application generator. This shows that applicants are enthusiastic about the practical web service of the online job exchange StepStone." View the press release (in German)

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