The Customer


Seven2one Informationssysteme GmbH was founded in 2001 as a spin-off of the Institute for Energy Economics at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. Today, the company with approximately 50 workers, located in Karlsruhe, Germany, is the leading software producer in the energy industry in all German-speaking countries. 

They support energy supply companies and other energy-related industrial companies by digitizing their Smart Energy business models with specially tailored software solutions for the energy markets of the future.

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The Task

Development of a modern Confluence-based intranet solution for companies with around 50 employees. 

The goal was to have a modern intranet solution that promotes company-wide collaboration, and that can also organize and minimize the flow of emails. In order to quickly and reliably retrieve important information, a good documentation of processes and decisions needed to be guaranteed. An intranet system is made to support such open and transparent communication.

The Solution 

Seven2one contacted us with a request relating to Confluence. At this time, they were still using Mediawiki. During a phone conference, a strategy workshop was agreed upon. It quickly became clear that Confluence wasn't able to support the specific requirements that so desperately needed to be met. Because of this, we recommended an customized Linchpin project. With Linchpin, we were able to map out the content features and requirements that were lacking. On-site training was provided to the employees so that they can use their software more easily. 

An essential part of Linchpin is the AppCenter. But unfortunately, this was not integrated in the solution for Seven2one. For centralized communication, the microblog is used intensively by the employees. 

Many instructions and processes were required to support Seven2one in the realm of quality management (including an ISO certification) but were simply unable to be implemented in the time-frame of the initial project. Because of this, we needed to support a replacement for their existing diagramming software Visio. Comala Workflows (Comala Document Management) and have been introduced to illustrate and track all approval processes. 

The employees were asked to vote on the name of their new social intranet and the winner was "7zone." Seven2one is very satisfied with the Linchpin solution and its implementation into their organization. Finally, our customer requested another instance to support an extranet for customer communication. 



The dashboard elements have been adapted to the requirements of seven2one. 


Space landing page

Detail page

Navigation menu

The confluence theme was inspired by the corporate design of Seven2one.

Feedback from the customer

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