The client

Schunk GmbH has been a global company with innovative produce and future-oriented technology since 1913, with clients in all key industries. From cars, ships and electrical appliances through to wind power plants and space shuttles to medical technology, the solar industry or the production of LEDs: Schunk develops tailor-made high-tech products and systems in the fields of carbon technology and ceramics, environmental simulation and climate technology, sintered metal technology, and ultrasonic welding. 

The assignment

All experts at your fingertips: Development of a search engine to search for experts within the company worldwide. Schunk employees can find the appropriate experts within minutes instead of hours.

The solution

User experience

Together with the customer, we have designed and developed an expert search for a Confluence intranet, to connect with experts within the company worldwide. When searching for competencies, users will quickly find the contact details for specialist colleagues who can help them with their specific problem, even when they are in different locations, regions or countries.


  • Confluence, Java


The solution was implemented as a Scrum project by an interdisciplinary team (project owner, scrum master, designer, developer), and collaboratively developed with the customer.

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