Project completed in 2012 |

The client

The Kindergarteninitiative Liberi was founded in 1993 by parents and is an independently operated day care center. The team consists of two full-time teaching staff and a part-time teaching assistant. The group size is 21 children from the age of three to the age of enrollment.

The assignment

Relaunch of the website based on Wordpress.

The solution

User experience

The website expresses the philosophy of the kindergarten, which aims to promote social behavior, creativity and environmental experience. Parents interested in this concept can visit and are presented with creative children's drawings, a cheerful color scheme and a natural wooden structure in the background on the kindergarten's homepage. In addition to a variety of information about the kindergarten, you will also find a documentation of various projects and activities. Parents can click through the "Polaroids" of past events with their children.


The website was implemented as a training project by a junior designer and apprentice. The two Liberi children who painted pictures specifically for the website, received powerful support.



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