Project completed in 2013

The client

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooporation is a Swiss development organization, founded in 2011 with the merger of the organizations Helvetas (founded in 1955), and Intercooperation (founded in 1982). Helvetas focuses on project work abroad. The organization supports improving the living conditions of disadvantaged people in rural regions in Africa, Asia and South America.  

The assignment

At Helvetas, many Confluence users work in third world countries. To allow collaboration and communication in the company's Confluence intranet, even when the internet connection is poor, email access to the Confluence content was requested.

The solution

User experience

A Confluence plugin developed by //SEIBERT/MEDIA now allows Helvetas employees in third world countries to do the following:

  • Follow entire forum conversations via email notifications and thus collaborate and communicate with colleagues worldwide.
  • Answer questions in the forum via email to help colleagues by providing their own knowledge or experience.
  • Create new topics via email and assign watchers for these topics.


Confluence, Java


We enjoyed using our know-how to help improve the exchange of knowledge between development workers in third world countries, and thus simplify and enrich their work.

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