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The client

Our customer is one of the market leaders in the field of individual nutritional advice. The company offers its partners comprehensive consulting tools based on the latest scientific knowledge. A wide product range fulfills almost every individual customer requirement.

The assignment

Development of a client application using web technologies that our customer provides to its partners for consulting. The application is intended to assist in the consultation, selection of appropriate compounds, and preparation of dosage recommendations, as well as to simplify and improve the existing processes. The infrastructure of many partners of our customer is technically not up-to-date and often not connected to the internet. A central requirement is therefore that the application works locally and runs on older workstations.

The solution

User experience

The application guides the partner quickly, easily and logically through their consulting process, thus providing more time to interact with their customer. All relevant customer data are requested by the application since the subsequent solutions and dosages takes into consideration age, sex of the customer as well as a variety of interactions (for example, a specific lifestyle, medication intake, intolerance or illness).

After entering the customer's data, the consultant can find and select preparations by name, ingredient or indication. After selecting appropriate compounds, the system outputs both the recommended dosage as well as the therapy cost and the scope of the selected preparations. Interactions and overdose information about individual ingredients are also displayed. This information significantly reduces the risk of negative results and assures both the consultant and their client. Dosage and direction can be adjusted individually to recommend the appropriate pack sizes/quantities for the course of the treatment.

When the consultant has selected the preparations and the appropriate dosage for their client, they can simply use the software to generate individual recommendations and printable information sheets on how the preparations work for their customer.


The application was developed as a scrum project with an interdisciplinary team (product owner, scrum master, designer, four software developers). As of July 2014, the scope of the project amounts to three delivered releases. The product is in further development.


  • Java, HTML, CSV, JSON
  • Installer for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Browser engine from Mozilla

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