Project completed in 2012

The client

Edenred is the leading provider of customizable motivation products for employees, customers and partners in Germany. These products can be customized and are used to reward performance, provide incentives and build sustainable relationships within the target customer groups. The diverse range of services offered include state-sponsored employer bonuses in the form of food vouchers and credit cards, as well as sector-specific incentives for customers and partners. Edenred manages nearly 5,000 customers, 45,000 service providers and well over 550,000 users with its products and services in Germany.

The assignment

Concept and design of a complex web order system for customizable incentive cards, taking into account the following factors:

  • Simplified ordering process that seamlessly integrates with the Edenred work process (process chain), and reduces effort through automation.
  • Good usability / user experience.
  • Design according to Edenred's corporate design guidelines.

The solution

User experience

Users can configure, customize and order prepaid cards from the online shop in four clear steps. The process is designed so that queries that may make the process slower are asked right at the beginning, so that the user can reach their goal in as little effort as possible. A shopping cart in the right hand column displays the current configuration of their card throughout the order process, including a visual preview.

The user selects their desired product and design, then the number and value of the cards, and the type of card activation. After entering delivery data and a payment method, an overview of the order is displayed before the user makes their purchase.

Customization options include choosing an existing design, or uploading a new graphic, as well as space for personal greetings or a company logo. Users can also customize the card using an Excel template.

Additional options are available to registered customers, who can see an overview of all previously placed orders. In addition to creating new cards, registered customers can reorder previous cards, load existing prepaid cards, or activate ordered products. Registered customers can also save new orders to continue the customization process later.


The proposed process was optimized in close collaboration with Edenred and an external technical service provider, then the web pages were designed. Wireframe models were created for all interfaces including their functionality and content, then mock ups of the most important screens were created to ensure their design matched the corporate design guidelines. We also created graphics for the homepage and header images. Once the customer approved, we delivered our results (wireframes and open Photoshop files) to the technical service provider.


The concept and collaboration phase was very intensive and included a team with representatives from both the customer and technical service provider.

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