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When does it make sense to do an introductory workshop?

You would like to evaluate the commercial wiki software Confluence prior to your wiki project? It is possible to do so in the web with articles, blog posts, videos, etc. But often a research like that is not enough, to inform yourself about the opportunities and potential of the software or to be able to judge, whether the requirements of your business can really be met. If you want to see and understand the system live and in use, we suggest an introductory workshop. Basic questions are evaluated: What does Confluence do? How is it used? How does it feel when it is being used?

Which content is included in an introductory workshop?

As part of our introductory workshop, we enable you to get to know and test Confluence. Our workshops are conducted by competent Atlassian consultants, who have been using Confluence in their daily work for years and who are in close contact with our Confluence customers. They know what you need to know and which questions normally arise. Your individual questions will be answered extensively.

Since every business has different requirements, we suggest not to have strict guidelines for the workshop, but we include our customers in the planning: Are you interested in a general overview of the functions and use of Confluence? Do you need argumentation how to convince your co-workers of a Confluence project? Are you trying to train a group of employees in basic knowledge, but don't have the necessary resources for a systematic training? We discuss your topics with you and give you an overview of what Confluence can do and how Confluence projects work.

Examples of content

We have grouped possible workshop content into blocks, which you can use to create your individual agenda

  • Basic navigation: Overview page, wiki spaces, last changes, search engine, search spaces.
  • Create and edit pages: Create a new page and edit with rich text editor.
  • Revision safety: A page history allows for maximum control through the author and at the same time maximum freedom of all employees.
  • Protect and secure documents: We show you how to protect documents and whole wiki spaces.
  • Import content from Word: How to import content from word documents.
  • Use existing documents: How do easily view documents directly in Confluence.
  • Example meeting agenda and protocol: We show you how to prepare, conduct and edit meetings with a wiki.
  • Example project management: We show you how you and your co-workers easily keep an overview of your projects.
  • Office connector: How to edit and save documents directly in the wiki. Complete integration of Microsoft Word and Open Office.
  • Image gallery: How to easily get an overview of event of product photos in a wiki.
  • Hierarchy: How to structure Confluence pages in a wiki space.
  • Internal reporting: How to bring reports to life. Unlike dead pdf documents, your reports in the wiki are alive.
  • Online diagrams: How to create processes, flow diagrams, network infrastructures, wireframes and layout diagrams in Confluence with the Gliffy plugin.
  • Widgets: How to integrate external multimedia content in your wiki.
  • Internal news and weblogs: How your employees can edit your newsletter digitally and exchange about news in the company.
  • Monitoring of external news pages via RSS feeds: Monitor competition and relevant news in your wiki.
  • Installation of Plugins: Installing plugins in the admin view is simple. Demonstrated with the workflow plugin.
  • Workflows: How to control processes in content creation and publication in Confluence.

Example calculation of a workshop

It is easy to do a workshop with //SEIBERT/MEDIA. We take your requirements into account. Each workshop is individual. Even the calculation is based entirely on your requirements:



Preparation of the workshop and evaluation of your requirements  

We have extensive experience in conducting workshops and prepared agenda and workshop content. Many of our customers have additional questions, concepts and other documentation, that they would like to include in the workshop. We evaluate this content prior to the workshop and intend to integrate it in the workshop as well as possible. We evaluate your specific requirements through a questionnaire that we send to you and discuss goals, scope, and content with you. It is an important basis for a qualitative workshop.

USD 600 (3 h)

Conducting the Workshop   

Workshops are always conducted by experienced //SEIBERT/MEDIA consultants. Please keep in mind that workshops on site should not take longer than 6 hours per work day. We have made the experience, that longer workshops are exhausting for all participants and can be unproductive for your team. We offer extensive training programs over several days with overnight stay.

USD 1,200 (6 h)

Additional costs of the workshop

Our regulations for travel expenses are very customer oriented. When purchasing two full workshop days, you will not be charged any travel expenses. For shorter workshops, we will share our travel expenses with you.



USD 1,800

All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

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