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Partner Management at Seibert Media

At //SEIBERT/MEDIA, our goal is to foster a collaborative work environment that maximizes team results. To achieve this, we provide our customers with appropriate and collaborative software solutions. You can assist us in achieving this objective by providing professional services such as configuration, training, and licensing for our products. We look forward to collaborating with you.

What's in it for you?

Among many other things we offer you enablement in the form of free onboarding sessions and resources, marketing materials and joint sales pitches, as well as a dedicated partner management team to answer any questions you may have. Learn all about partnering with //SEIBERT/MEDIA and get in touch with us to explore opportunities for future collaboration.

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Our Partner Management Team

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Are you inundated with emails and have a calendar full of meetings? No problem, we're happy to chat too! We've established Slack channels with our partners for quick and direct communication. Don't have one yet? Let us know!

Yulia Byvsheva

Partner Manager

Yulia will get you started with all of our products, support you on sales pitches and with customer enquiries. With her strong focus on agile at scale, she manages partnerships with companies interested in our agile product portfolio.

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Laura Niedermayer

Partner Manager

Laura is your go-to for diving into Actonic products, assisting in sales pitches, and handling customer questions. She's also the one nurturing partnerships with other companies.

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Alisa Tietz

Partner Manager

Alisa will get you started with all our products, support you on sales pitches and any customer enquiries. With a strong marketing background and many years of experience with Linchpin, her expertise lies in the area of intranet and modern workplace projects.

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Viktoria Eckert

Partner Manager

Viktoria will get you started with all of our products and support you with everything about the partnership. She will also support you with general enquiries, coordinating partner deal registrations and overall partner program benefits. Any questions you might have, feel free to contact her!

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Colin Helke

Partner Manager

Colin is our man in the US – He'll be happy to help you when it comes to product demos, sales pitches and supporting you during your customer projects.

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Promoting your Atlassian Marketplace apps

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Our products

draw.io - The easiest way for Confluence teams to collaborate using diagrams

draw.io is a diagramming solution for Confluence and Jira. Collaborate on diagrams and whiteboards in real-time and use graphic components and powerful functionality for both beginner and expert users. drw.io has more installs than all Confluence diagramming apps combined and has the best-in-class security.

Agile Hive - The fully integrated SAFe® solution for Jira

Agile Hive is a solution to implement the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) as an agile scaling concept while using existing Atlassian infrastructue with Jira and Confluence as the software platform.

Social Intranet based on Atlassian Confluence

Linchpin is a social intranet suite based on Atlassian Confluence. It combines classic management requirements for controlling, distributing and centralizing corporate information with real collaboration on content, modern knowledge management and extensive integration options.


Karma is the ultimate page builder for Confluence. Build knowledge bases, documentations, team spaces, overview pages, and more in seconds.

Aura - Content Formatting Macros

Create visually appealing and engaging content in Confluence with the easy to use and intuitive Aura macro suite. Highlight the content that matters. Provide intuitive navigation & enhance readability.


Karma is the ultimate page builder for Confluence. Build knowledge bases, documentations, team spaces, overview pages, and more in seconds.


Templating.app for Jira is a Jira Cloud app that makes creating processes in the organization easy and intuitive. Create issue templates with Epics, Issues, and Subtasks and standardize your workflows in Jira Cloud. Instead of complex macro configurations, teams can launch tasks with a few clicks and edit templates in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.


Create ToDo Lists, ensure reliable completion of repetitive business processes, get things done. Easy, intuitive & fast. We provide a way for corporate habit-building. We offer a way to make routine processes reliable and less error-prone with easy to use and always-available checklists.

Blueprint Creator

The Blueprint Creator allows you to create individual blueprints for spaces, pages and blog posts without requiring any programming skills. All created are available for your users right where they expect them and cannot be distinguished from the pre-installed or costly developed blueprints.

Awesome Custom Fields

Our goal is to enhance the overall experience for any Jira user by improving visibility, look and feel of Jira issues with easy to use and configure Custom Fields. We improve existing functionality, add more based on customer feedback to make Jira more valuable for any business that uses Jira.

Space Privacy

Space Privacy allows you to effectively and privately work with external users in Confluence (& Linchpin). Communicate with your customers, partners, suppliers, applicants in one and the same Confluence system while protecting everyone’s privacy. No customers will be able to see each other in your system - unless you specifically allow them to. Usually, all users are restricted to their specific space and don’t even know that other users exist in the system.


Properties gathers your everyday work in one place. Document everything from onboarding plans to content calendars. With Properties, they're all in one place and totally customizable to meet the needs of any workflow. Easily capture metadata on pages and turn your Confluence space into a workspace to organize your work, structure information, and manage pages.


AutoPage automates documentation tasks between Jira and Confluence. Users can define rules in Jira when pages in Confluence should be created. Pages are created via user defined templates. The templates can have Jira field placeholders that are automatically populated while pages are created. If these fields are updated in Jira and a rule is triggered, the Confluence page will be updated.
Documentation will be in sync and manual efforts will be reduced.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact us by using our contact form!

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