Atlassian has announced that they have made the decision to cancel the Atlassian Summit this year. After much consideration here at Seibert Media, we have decided to not travel to Las Vegas this year.

This means that we will also have to cancel our Info Session on Sunday, March 29th, and our deep dive sessions on Monday, March 30th.

We have decided to not do a remote Info Session event, but still want to provide you content and some material from talks we had already prepared for the event.

You will find more informations here:

We love Atlassian Partners.

Get information about your opportunities as a partner:

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is investing a lot in Atlassian Partners. Summit in Las Vegas will be no different.

Our team (Adil Nasri, Jan KuntscherSebastian Martini and Martin Seibert) would love to meet with you in the time between 2 April and 4 April. We even have an Info Session event with a lot of participants for you to network and about 30 talks with even more speakers. It's free. So join now. On Monday we have special deep dive sessions for partners. And you can always contact us, to get a dedicated meeting slot.

What will we be talking about?

This is not the usual, shallow meet and greet. We'll be well prepared and offer attractive and actionable things:

  1. Earn money with intranets, extranets, diagramming and scaled agile solutions (SAFe)
  2. Promote yourself and your brand easily with our turn-key promotional media kit

Why this should attractive for you

We do not want to waste time. You shouldn't either. This is why you should care:

  • A lot of Atlassian Partners have a strong Jira and dev tools focus, but are weak with Confluence and big business topics like scaling agile. Our offer will help you grow the collaboration and enterprise level revenue with your existing and new customers.
  • is the most popular, innovative and secure diagramming app with over 30k active installations. Converting your Gliffy customers to is a very attractive deal. Let us explain why and how in the meeting.
  • Selling intranets based on Confluence takes a little time. But the rewards are great: Big service engagements, big licensing packages, consolidation options for all of your customer's licenses
  • A lot of massive companies search for better ways to scale their agile practices. Agile Hive is an out of the box solution natively integrated into Jira, Confluence and other Atlassian tools. Just as with Linchpin, Agile Hive sells with loads of services and a big package of licenses.
  • We have a pre-built promotional package that you can use to attract existing and new customers that we‘ll offer you in the meeting.
  • After the meeting you can also get swag bags for yourself, your colleagues and your customers.

Our partner team in Las Vegas for you

Adil Nasri   

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