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Technical Coordinator

I started at Seibert Media as a developer in January 2013, and was most recently a developer on the Hyperfly team, where I worked with my team to further develop almost all apps related to Linchpin. As a technical coordinator, I now work across teams and am the contact person for the development of our Atlassian Data Center apps - both within the company and for customers, partners and Atlassian itself.

My usual workday starts in the team with the Daily Standup. There, all team members coordinate and discuss the status of the tickets on the Jira board and report on what they have planned for the day and where there have been problems and challenges so far. I spend the rest of the day either in the team (currently in our virtual meeting) or in various meetings across the team. But there are also times when I just work focused for myself and stay out of all virtual meetings. 

In addition to the Daily Standup, there are also other Scrum artifacts that are part of the Sprints. For example, there is still the Backlog Refinement, where we jointly sift through tickets in the team, establish the Definition of Ready (i.e. formulate acceptance criteria) and estimate if necessary. In addition, we have a retrospective at the end of each sprint, where we look back on the last 3 weeks, as well as the internal company review, where the results of the last 3 weeks of development are presented to other interested parties and feedback is obtained.

In addition to these team-related topics, I also have other overarching tasks that I'll just mention in bullet points:

  • monthly sync with management
  • bi-weekly sync with the other technical coordinator, responsible for the cloud products
  • bi-weekly sync with the solution owner for Linchpin
  • Weekly meeting with operations team for failure analysis on client systems
  • participation in various internal workshops and strategy meetings for products
  • asynchronous exchange with the developer community at Atlassian and other partners

Before I started working at Seibert Media, I studied Media Informatics (Bachelor of Science) and Media & Design Management (Master of Arts).

I am very happy that there is the opportunity to change roles at Seibert Media. I really enjoy being able to work with individual colleagues and teams across the board and to continue to develop both personally and professionally. A lot of exchange and always new topics offer variety and challenge me again and again. Making decisions is also desired - you are given quite a lot of trust, but also open and honest feedback.

Seibert Media also has a lot to offer beyond the day-to-day business:

I can get involved in all kinds of areas - be it in the area of organizational development, events like the hackathon, or suggestions for lunch. Getting involved and tackling issues - there are more than enough opportunities to do so. Our feelgood management surprises us again and again with small and larger actions, even during the long home office phase, they always put us in a good mood.

The flexible approach to working hours is also very helpful - not only for planning my parental leave, but also afterwards I am able to set and arrange my own working hours in coordination with the teams.

However, the freedom and flexibility also come with a lot of personal responsibility - I was given the trust by the company that I am aware of this responsibility and handle it accordingly from day 1, which I appreciate very much.

Due to the family environment, many of my colleagues have also become good friends.

Matthias Clasen

Position: Technical Coordinator
Entry into the company: 2013


Matthias Clasen has been with //SEIBERT/MEDIA since 2013 and his current focus is on the cross-team coordination of development teams in the environment of the OnPremise solutions for the Atlassian products. In addition, he also deals with the development around the cloud products and is in close exchange with the respective teams there.

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