Please start to read about your knowledge. It is important to make the session fun for others, because you will be asked about it. (big grin)

Your knowledge

  • Your team recruiting for IT candidates is awaiting a big boost as you have booked a big campaign on media and scheduled multiple events in schools and university in the next 3 months. You are hoping for twice as many applicants over the next 6 months.
  • You dislike the marketing gimmicks that communications has created.
  • You like your printers. They always work for you.

Your Tasks

  • You want the new intranet to offer flow charts for your quality management handbook. Will that be possible?

    You want to find a suitable room in HipChat (e.g. "Intranet") and start by mentioning all in that room (@here) in your message. This way they will get a push notification on their phone, their desktop or an email about your question and can react. Sample: @here We need to get rid of Visio. It is only available for so many analysts. I want a more collaborative way. Is anything planned? Please help me. #important
  • We are not ready for that Intranet 2.0 thing. People here are traditional and conservative. You do not want to burn the new intranet with an social overhype? What do the others think?

    You go to the room "Intranet" in HipChat and ask your question. Sample: @here Do you also fear that our colleagues could be overwhelmed with all this social overkill? Is our workforce ready for that?



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