Please start to read about your knowledge. It is important to make the session fun for others, because you will be asked about it. (big grin)

Your knowledge

  • Your team and the CEO do not want the new intranet to go live on January 1st as this is an awful date for communications. Everyone is on vacation. January 31st is your preference. But you did not have the chance to speak to your team and the CEO about it yet.
  • Your Intranet specialist told you that onboarding is an important topic in intranets. You fully agree. But you have not spoken to HR yet.
  • You think that your HR department should put more recruitment and employer branding content on your website and on twitter.
  • You are convinced that your workforce is ready for a social intranet.

Your Tasks

  • You really want to know, if your intranet project fits in next year's IT budget. Ask Teresa and Andy about it.

    You want to find a suitable room in HipChat (e.g. "Intranet") and start by mentioning (@aanderson @ttyson) in your message. This way they will get a push notification on their phone, their desktop or an email about your question and can react. Sample: @aanderson @ttyson Do you know what the IT budget for next year is? Will our intranet relaunch fit in?
  • You would love to get feedback to the intranet gimmicks your team has created at Ask everyone in the room "Intranet".

    You go to the room "Intranet" in HipChat and ask a question. Sample: @here I did not get enough feedback about our new intranet awareness campaign at Would you help me and tell me how you like it?


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