In this part of the workshop, you will define the profile fields and categories for all users. This field definition is important for the personal customization of other Linchpin apps, such as a customized menu structure, or supporting the search for people based on their expertise. 

Important: These profile fields are a central aspect of Linchpin. They are used for customization, for search, for contact information, employee and telephone directory search, and also for the display of vCards. As this is personal data, the employee representative group (worker's council) must be involved in this workshop.

Questions and tips about user profiles

  • User directory - for example Active Directory (AD)
    • Are there one or more existing directories?
    • Can the user directory be linked? Is this allowed?
    • What is the structure of the data? Are important profile fields uniformly maintained e.g. name, telephone number?
  • Profile fields
    • Is there a central image directory?
    • Should the images be automatically imported, or should each user add their own image?
    • Does the employee representative group (worker's council) agree to this initial import of data?
  • Mandatory fields
    • Which profile fields are mandatory?
    • Which fields will be used for customization?
  • Should an organization chart be automatically generated from the user profiles?
  • Every profile field must be approved by the employee representative group (worker's council).
  • Should Confluence groups be automatically established from profile fields? For example, a Wiesbaden group based on the employees' location. (Dynamic User Group)

On this page

Existing user directory structure

Please list all attributes which are uniformly maintained for all users in Active Directory (for example, location, position, etc.)

AttributeActive Directory user attributeAll employees?
  (tick), (error)

Description of possible profile fields

Field typeDescriptionExample field of this type

A text field where each user can add their own text.


A field in which the user can select from a predetermined set of options.

Multiple selection

A field in which the user can select more than one options from a predetermined list.

Cascading selection

Multiple selection field for hierarchical information. Each selection automatically includes child values.

Responsibility for products, organized in dependent categories
User selection

User selection field, including all Confluence users.

DateDate selection.Birthday

Selection of one or more languages from a fixed set of languages.

Language skills
Dependent field

A field in which to enter specific values, based on the value of another CUP field.

An alphanumeric cost center abbreviation, imported from Active Directory, which should be 'translated' to something readable in the profile page.

LDAP attributeA field filled automatically from the user directory. 

Example profile fields and categories

Example profile fields


Example profile categories

  • Salutation
  • Academic title
  • First given name
  • Family name
  • Nickname
  • Maiden name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Mobile number
  • Fax
  • Date of birth
  • Location
  • Building
  • Office street address
  • Office postal code
  • Office location
  • State/Country
  • Company
  • Department
  • Section
  • Position
  • Supervisor
  • Expertise
  • Language skills
  • Projects
  • Availability (useful for HipChat, Skype)
  • Attendance (e.g. half day 8am-12pm)
  • Profile page (link to personal space)
  • Interests (private)
  • Hobbies
  • XING profile
  • Degree
  • Branch experience (e.g. IT, medicine, etc.)
  • Software expertise
  • Team interface
  • Portfolio of projects
  • Personal short description
  • Life motto or favorite quote
  • Process expertise
  • Knowledge of other cultures
  • Foreign assignments and experiences
  • Personal
  • Personal information
  • Contact information
  • Personalized information
  • Experience
  • Private information
  • Location
  • Organization
  • Skills
  • Activities
  • Company

Workshop results

You should have the several completed tables, one for each profile category as your project documentation at the end of this session. This will be used to guide you when defining personalized content in future sessions.

Image gallery

Display of business cards (vCards)

Business cards, or vCards can be displayed in two different ways:

Format agreed upon:

  • Contact mode
  • Information mode

Fields in the contact area (only in contact mode)

Which field should be displayed directly under a user's name in the contact area?

Field name: enter the field here

Documentation - Defined user profiles

Profile category 1 - [category name]

Field nameField typeSelected field / LDAP attributes (if applicable)Display in profileDisplay in vCardMandatory


(tick), (error)(tick), (error)(tick), (error)

Profile category 2 - [category name]

Field nameField typeSelected field / LDAP attributes (if applicable)Display in profileDisplay in vCardMandatory


(tick), (error)(tick), (error)(tick), (error)
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