Linchpin Touch is part of the Linchpin Intranet Suite and no longer available separately.

Screen Overview

1- Main area

The main area is divided into four quadrants.

In the main area you can find up-to-date information: company news or for certain areas, current events, etc.

Each quadrant can be managed separately from the others. For example, the works council is responsible for a quadrant and places the content which is particularly important. 

2- Sidebar

In the sidebar you can find almost any amount of additional information.

As you can see in the screenshot, the four points in the sidebar correspond to the four quadrants. You can add other points to the sidebar.

For example, you can add notifications that must be distributed to employees.

The sidebar also serves as navigation through the content. This is independent of the normal navigation on the intranet. 

The footer is intended for information that is of interest to all employees in their everyday life.

To Attract Attention "Proactively"

 If the screen is not currently active, the four quadrants zoom in sequentially. 

This movement attracts attention.

At the same time, the news items are detailed enough so employees can easily catch up with the latest news. 

The page is automatically reloaded regularly, so that newly created content appears in a timely manner.

Content Directly From Confluence

All content is delivered directly from Confluence. Therefore, it does not need to be processed separately for Linchpin Touch, but is automatically available.

The areas that should be accessible on the screens can be easily controlled using the normal Confluence permissions.

A wide range of macros can be displayed. All Linchpin macros are specially adapted for Touch, and will automatically introduce some restrictions, for example if there is no keyboard connected or if the user is not logged in.

In the screenshot you can see the Touch variant of the microblog: it's possible to read, but not to write as an "anonymous" user.

Individual elements that are not to be displayed on the touch screen can be hidden, e.g. download links.


We are happy to assist you with setting up a test instance.

Main Layout

Sidebar & Footer

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