Linchpin Touch is a great opportunity for many companies to reach even more employees. //SEIBERT/MEDIA has implemented a cheap and stable touch screen implementation with Linchpin Touch. Quite a few customers searching for touch solutions that almost said no to Linchpin Touch as large touchscreens increased budgets dramatically, so we wanted to help! 100 x $5k is a a lot scarier than 100 x $0.7k. And on top of this, the implementation is very stable and almost maintenance free. We can even update the software remotely. All that is needed it power and internet (via Wifi or cable).

Below you'll find a list of components for your own portable touch solution.

That sounds interesting and you want to know more? Get in "touch" with us(wink)

Our portable LENOVO ThinkVision solution consists of:



Costs €


Costs $


Lenovo Thinkvision Touchscreen

23 Inch, 16:9 / 1920x1080



2 x Maclean MC-721 NUC MAC mini CPU PC VESA Holder €11$13


LED Trafo 0-60W 12V DC - 5A IP66


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