Linchpin Mobile is part of the Linchpin Intranet Suite and no longer available separately.

The Linchpin Mobile Gateway establishes a secure connection between your employee's mobile devices and your intranet behind a firewall,
without the need for a VPN.

All communication between an employee's mobile device and a connected Linchpin or Confluence instance must be
routed via the gateway in order for the Linchpin Mobile Gateway to function.

What is a Gateway Service?

In IT, the word gateway refers to a component (hardware and/or software) that establishes a connection between two systems.

This definition describes the functionality of our system very well. //SEIBERT/MEDIA uses the gateway service "Firescope" for Linchpin Mobile: It establishes a connection between two systems. In this case, the connection is established between a Confluence instance (system 1) and a mobile device (system 2), thus enabling communication between the two systems.

A gateway routes traffic from inside a network to the internet - similar to a proxy. There are some differences between a gateway and a proxy though:

A proxy server that does not do any filtering is like a gateway, simply passing on requests from the computer to the internet. A proxy server, however, is a more powerful networking component that can act as a gateway while also protecting the network from outside threats. A gateway always risks exposing an internal network to the internet because it does no filtering. It merely routes information from within the network to the outside. (source)

Why does my company need a Gateway Service?

Many companies operate important internal systems behind a firewall to make them inaccessible from the public internet. From a security perspective this is a good idea - a potential attacker has to deal with several layers of firewalls before he can deal any damage.

On the other hand firewalls put barriers in front of you when you want to do your daily work, since they also prevent authorized people, like the company's own employees, from accessing the internal systems via the internet. This especially is a massive barrier for home office or remote workers who always need to set up a VPN tunnel in order to access the internal systems behind the firewall.

The Linchpin Mobile Gateway is the solution:

The Linchpin Mobile Gateway comes with two hosting options

Get more information on which hosting option is best fitting for your company and what differences there are between the Cloud and on-site option.

Cloud hosting

Once you have installed Linchpin Mobile in your Confluence instance you can select the Linchpin Mobile Gateway hosted by //SEIBERT/MEDIA in the cloud. Just connect your Confluence instance with a few clicks and you're ready to go. And don't worry about security - all communication routed trough the Gateway is end-to-end-encrypted and thus cannot be accessed by any third party.

On-site hosting

If your company needs a service like the Linchpin Mobile Gateway to host on-site, this is the solution. We provide the Linchpin Mobile Gateway as a Docker container that can be installed in your infrastructure (e.g. in the DMZ) or as virtual appliance so that you have complete control over it. As with the option hosted in the cloud, all traffic is end-to-end encrypted.

Important: This Gateway option must be licensed separately at costs of 36,000 EUR / year. This license qualifies your company to receive support when setting up the Linchpin Mobile Gateway, as well as software updates and product support.

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