"Shop floor"


"The commuter" - Theo Schröder on his way to the office

Theo Schröder has been an IT manager in a leading position at a personnel service provider for six years. He works at the company's headquarters in Frankfurt am Main near the railway station, but lives about one hour outside the city center. He travels to the office every day by train to escape the overcrowded parking situation and to contribute to preserving the environment.

Since reading the daily newspaper and observing fellow travellers has become very monotonous, he would like to use his time productively by preparing himself for the coming day on his morning commute and reviewing his day on his way home in the afternoon. For some time now, his company has offered employees the opportunity to access the intranet via mobile devices as well as other important company systems.

First thing in the morning, Theo wants to hear the latest news about the company and from his department that concerns him personally, so he doesn't have to spend that time in the office catching up. To do this, he opens the Linchpin Mobile app for Confluence on his smartphone and immediately sees the latest corporate news as well as his personal newsfeed on his homepage. He is particularly interested in publication of the company's key figures from the past quarter, so that he opens that in the detailed view. After intensively studying the article, he has questions which he wants to ask the author and a responsible accountant about. He writes his questions in a comment on the article and adds an @-mention to notify these two people by email, so that they can start talking about it.

Next, he navigates to the microblog to check through his department's 'bulletin board'. Here, there is always interesting work-related and leisure-related messages that you might otherwise miss. His colleague Michael Miller posted the evening before, needing clarification for an upcoming customer project. Since there was no detailed information, Theo decides to call his colleague Michael right then and there. He marks Michael's Micropost contribution with "like" to show that he has taken note of it.

Since Theo doesn't have Michael's contact information in his phone's address book, he needs to retrieve it from the company's contact list. He simply taps on Michael's name in his micropost to view his colleague's profile. In addition to general information, he can see all of Michael's contact details there. Theo taps on the phone number stored in the profile to start a call directly from within the app.

He chats briefly with Michael about the project's key information and gets a link to a Confluence page Michael created, where he entered all the important information last night. Theo thanks Michael, ends the call and switches to the search function in the Linchpin Mobile app. There he finds the Confluence page recommended by Michael and gets access to all of the relevant information.

A few minutes later, Theo arrives relaxed and - thanks to Linchpin Mobile - well informed in the office.


  • Especially contacts and accessing information.

Sales representatives

  • Especially contacts, events and calendars, and accessing information.

Employees at a shipyard/building site/factory/campus

  • Especially contacts, events and calendars, and accessing information.
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