We terminated Linchpin Manager in version 1.6 (Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.3). Its apps and functions are now part of the Linchpin Intranet Suite and no longer available separately.

Linchpin Manager is a type 2 app, please note Atlassian's installation information: 
Installation steps via Universal App Manager

  1. Sign on to your Confluence instance as an administrator.
  2. Open the administration menu and select Atlassian Marketplace.  The page "Search new apps" will load.
  3. Search for Linchpin Manager in the Marketplace. The most recent version of the app will be displayed in the results.
  4. Click on Free Trial to install a trial version or click on Buy now to purchase a license for the Linchpin Manager. You will be asked to register at MyAtlassian. Linchpin Manager will be downloaded and automatically installed.

If you first use Linchpin Manager with an evaluation key and then want to register a full licence key from the Marketplace, you will have to deactivate the app and activate it again to make sure that it works correctly.

Admin Configuration

Position in the Confluence Administration

You find the app configuration right at the top of your Confluence Administration sidebar. Access the Linchpin Manager quickly and easily.


This function was removed in Linchpin Manager 1.5.

Simple overview

Linchpin products are detected and displayed in an easy-to-read list view. Manage product connections and get all the information you need with just one click. 


This function was removed in Linchpin Manager 1.5.

Helpful support snippet 

To help you get better support there is an information snippet provided in the app configuration. Just copy and paste this into your issue or feature request.

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