Hi, I´m Mike …

... and I am Head of Marketing for draw.io. We are responsible for a lot of different web offerings: websites, blogs, social media, newsletters and other public info pages. The team's tasks include marketing, sales and support, as well as content creation and editing.

Your expertise will help us with the following:

Brand Representation

Embody the draw.io brand through authentic and relatable video content. Become established as the trusted face that resonates with our audience, creating a welcoming and personable experience. Achieving this is pivotal in building lasting connections with our valued users, and fosters a sense of familiarity and trust in our brand. Occasional engagement with the community and events to reinforce draw.io's reputation and drive growth.

Video Creation

Lead end-to-end video production, from pre-production to post-production. Employ strong time management and attention to detail to ensure timely and high-quality content delivery. Collaborate with other people in the team, to produce compelling videos that align with project objectives and brand identity. Constantly seek ways to enhance production techniques for improved quality and impact.

Tasks within the video creation process:

  • Concept Development
    Brainstorm and create innovative and engaging video concepts that align with project objectives and team goals. Shape the narrative and deliver concept structures that effectively communicate the intended message and maintain the creative vision.

  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding
    Craft captivating video scripts and descriptive storyboards that breathe life into the concepts developed. Bring clarity and structure to the video's storyline, capturing the audience's attention and delivering the message effectively. Create scripts for different types of content, including coherent and immersive storytelling, persuasive SEO-driven advertisements, and instructional how-to's. The ability to weave engaging narratives will be a driving force behind the success of video productions.

  • Content Creation
    Create visual aid for video projects by screen recording and crafting unique draw.io diagrams, Confluence pages, Jira boards, and on-screen demonstrations. Perform on-camera with an engaging, energetic attitude. Tailor content to showcase draw.io's functionalities and benefits for each video topic, ensuring they effectively illustrate the message and contribute to the overall narrative. Elevate the impact of the final video content through attention to detail and creativity in producing engaging and informative various screen recordings.

  • Editing
    Manipulate and assemble video footage, audio, graphics, and effects to carry a video from first to final draft. Carefully select and arrange the best clips, add transitions, adjust color and audio levels, and incorporate visual enhancements to craft a compelling visual narrative. This video content will most commonly be suitable for various platforms and purposes.

Do these tasks sound interesting to you? Then we should definitely get in touch with each other after you have applied here.

Seibert Media is one of the largest Atlassian Partners in the world, and a growing Google Partner. When working with us you should develop a thorough understanding of our product and our sales approach. Don´t worry, we will help you to quickly familiarize with everything.

What's in it for you:

  • A competitive salary
  • Fantastic work environment and European company culture (and benefits)
  • Work from home - You will be joining a fun international team full of friendly and helpful colleagues
  • Last but not least, you’ll be given numerous possibilities for further education

For this role, it's essential to have native-level proficiency in English. It would be wonderful if you bring along professional experience, both in front of the camera and with expertise in editing, lighting, and related areas. When you apply, we look forward to seeing your application accompanied by a demo reel or samples of your work. We would like to have you as a full-time employee - starting immediately. If you have something else in mind, just contact us. 

draw.io - What is it actually?

The draw.io application is developed by JGraph Ltd and is based on the open source software diagrams.net. Seibert Media is the joint venture partner of JGraph Ltd in the Atlassian Ecosystem. Our part of the partnership includes marketing and sales activities to further expand and strengthen our market position. We also provide support and training for the use of draw.io in conjunction with Confluence and other products.

All news, info and everything you need to know for preparation can be found on the draw.io online platforms.

And now?

We look forward to meeting you!

We want to get to know you, and by you, we mean whatever it is you bring to the table (especially if it's cake!).

We want the best person for the job, and offer you an inclusive workplace where you can be your authentic self.

Want to know more? Check out our diversity statement.

Link to this job advertisement: https://seibert.biz/jobvideoccus

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This page was last edited on 01/30/2024.