Hi, I´m Mike

... and I am Head of Marketing for draw.io. We are responsible for a lot of different web offerings: websites, weblogs, social media, newsletters and other public info pages. The team's tasks include marketing, sales and support, as well as content creation and editing.

Your expertise will help us with the following:

  • Be the “face” of draw.io for prospects: Enthusiastically represent draw.io in demos, webinars, events, Community meet-ups, and other prospect-facing opportunities.
  • Ensure prospects receive the right first impression: Respond promptly to prospect and customer enquiries received through email, support tickets and internal requests. If necessary, determine if the communication needs to be handled by another team member (escalated, or sent to JGraph for a technical response)
  • Be a trusted source of product/market knowledge: Develop an in-depth knowledge of draw.io, our competitors, and Atlassian itself. You will become the source of information for our customers, and our own internal teams
  • Ensure prospects have the solutions they need: Use your deep product knowledge to help answer prospect questions and provide direct product guidance
  • Maintain CRM/Hubspot: Ensure information is being gathered correctly in Hubspot, and regularly clean/update contacts as necessary. Utilize Hubspot to track customer interactions/prospecting
  • Create and monitor nurturing/retention campaigns: Using Hubspot, create email campaigns designed to move prospects through the funnel, or retain existing customers. Responsibilities are not limited to creation, campaigns must be maintained and improved over time
  • Maintain demo environments: Create and maintain demo environments to show-off relevant features to prospects
  • Manage customer success, and turn customers into fans: Look to create customer success stories, and help maintain our own customer’s loyalty
  • Provide sales-related assistance team members: Cover absences by sales team members

Seibert Media is one of the largest Atlassian partners in the world and a growing Google partner. It would be great if you already have some experience with Atlassian tools and SaaS. When working with us you should develop a thorough understanding of our product and sales approach. But don't worry, we will help you to quickly familiarize with everything.

We are currently searching for a new team member with the ability to communicate in English with a native proficiency. You will bring your expertise to our international and diverse work environment, collaborating with colleagues from the USA, Canada, and Germany.

We would like to have you as a full-time employee - starting immediately. If you have something else in mind, just contact us.


And now?

We look forward to meeting you!

We want to get to know you, and by you, we mean whatever it is you bring to the table (especially if it's cake!).

We want the best person for the job, and offer you an inclusive workplace where you can be your authentic self.

Want to know more? Check out our diversity statement.

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