Seeking change, looking for something different in software sales, how would you like to work for a company that can offer something unique, that je ne sais quoi or European flair for doing business? 

About Seibert Media 

Seibert Media is one of the largest Atlassian Partners in the world, and a growing Google Partner. We offer specialized services and comprehensive solutions to our customers. We are looking for a Licensing Specialist to handle all licensing matters in the U.S for our customers. 

What's the job about?

Extensive knowledge about Atlassian licensing. You will be able to answer all questions our customers have around licensing and present the best option for their needs. The customer will  perceive you as a licensing consultant, addressing questions like annual vs. monthly, enterprise vs. premium vs. standard, co-terming, app usage, etc. 

Hands-on approach and deeply operative. An essential part of your daily business will be:

  • Creating offer sheets
  • Presenting them to customers
  • Processing orders 
  • Procuring  licenses

In contact with the right people. You will be able to find the right person in an organization to discuss licensing issues. This may be someone in purchasing, IT, or a technical division. Positioning us as a strategic licensing partner, offering master agreements and looking into contractual details is a must. 

Retention and expansion. We also expect you to stay in touch with customers and check in with them early and often to find out about their licensing needs. This includes finding out whether the customer needs more licenses or plans to introduce a new Atlassian tool. 

Communication with Atlassian. It will be vital to get to know the Atlassian ecosystem fast, incl. shortcuts to getting things done. From opening support tickets and updating the team on support requests to talking to Atlassians about joint customers and their licensing needs. Communication within the Atlassian ecosystem will be critical to success. 

What we are looking for:

  • You are in the USA and are permitted to work there.
  • You should be a meticulous and diligent person that can work autonomously. 
  • You will have a field of responsibility and we expect you to own it. 
  • Good communications skills over email, phone and in person are a necessity. 
  • A general understanding of economic principles and how purchasing processes in companies work is of importance. 
  • Experience in the Atlassian ecosystem would be a big plus, but is not required. 
  • BA/BS degree is preferred, but also not required. 
  • We are using Hubspot as our CRM, and you will need to use it too. 
  • 1-2 years of sales experience is an advantage, specifically preparing proposals and pitching to customers. 

What's in it for you?

  • We are the U.S. subsidiary of a German parent company and bring the full range of social security benefits from the German labor market to the U.S. That includes 28 days of vacation, 10 US holidays, paid sick leave, long notice periods, better employment protection and health care (HRA) and retirement plans. 
  • We are a company with a strong culture that has been refined over the last 25 years. We have a set of core values that are not just babble, but that we use as guidance for making good decisions every day. Our company is still founder-owned, after 25 years of business in the tech industry. Which says a lot!
  • You will receive comprehensive onboarding and learn everything you need to become a licensing specialist. We also offer, nah, we expect you to take advanced training classes to improve your skills and become a better salesperson. 
  • Hours are flexible and have to be coordinated with only your team and, of course, our customers. But, in general, we don’t care when you work. 
  • We will provide you with all the equipment you need, starting with a Macbook and iPhone. As you will be working from home - no commuting, yay - we will also provide you with basic inventory you need for your home office. 

Sounds like a mission to you? Then apply now and get started with us!

And now?

We look forward to meeting you!

We want to get to know you, and by you, we mean whatever it is you bring to the table (especially if it's cake!).

We want the best person for the job, and offer you an inclusive workplace where you can be your authentic self.

Want to know more? Check out our diversity statement.

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