Jira Project at a Fixed Price

Do you want to introduce Jira in your company or configure a new use case that requires professional support?

We recommend our Jira Project at a fixed price. Based on your specific use case, we consider your needs and requirements and take care of the conception, implementation, and any additional functions that may be necessary for your company.



Service Components of the Implementation Project


  • One-day standard workshop includes defining the central use cases, coordinating possible solutions and roadmap planning for future progress


  • Proof of Concept (PoC): We implement the  "must have" functions for you in our private cloud as a basis for decision-making. 

  • Support from the project team during the project phase.

  • Through continuous consultation, we configure Jira so it is ready and available for productive use. In doing so, we rely on your continuous involvement and partnership. 


  • Support in planning the rollout.

Important Information:

While we are able to arrange on-site meetings, we mainly work remotely on a project.  If you need assistance configuring a system that is hosted on your site, but that is not accessible through the internet, the setup of a site-to-site VPN connection based on IPSec would be required for a fee.  That is why we strongly recommend hosting specifically from our available operational packages. 

Price Scale

All prices quoted are net plus the applicable statutory sales tax and refer to consulting, conception and/or configuration. We are happy to offer licenses and technical services separately on request.

*Please note: An initial workshop serves to align your system requirements with the (technical) possibilities as well as best practices that are available - this is why is it an essential prerequisite for defining the scope of your project. The indicated costs provided are based on our long-term experience. Please note that due to the complexity of most target-oriented solutions and software, we reserve the final fixed price only until the end of the workshop. If necessary, additional modules can be added and any individually commissioned workshop costs €2,500 per day.  However, if the workshop is used to define your requirements, the cost can be offset against a subsequent fixed price project. The advantage of commissioning a project is that time and resources are set aside specifically to ensure that your project is implemented successfully. 

//SEIBERT/MEDIA: Official Atlassian-Partner

With our experts, we offer you all services from a single source, from strategy consulting at the beginning of a project to technical implementation and secure operation. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with experience from thousands of Atlassian projects, we advise you on the evaluation of an optimal solution,  take care of all questions around your license setup, and support you in all aspects of scaling your Atlassian products. 

Supplements for your fixed price project

Link zu dieser Seite:http://seibert.biz/jirafestpreise

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