Intranet 1.0 and Intranet 2.0

Our Confluence-based Intranet Solution has been designed to be both Intranet 1.0 and Intranet 2.0 at the same time.

It is typical for an Intranet 1.0 to have lots of editorial content and top-down communication. This means, for example, that management regularly communicates corporate news to all employees. While such a requirement is not unusual today, the common way to do this is still with old-fashioned email.

Reduce Email

Linchpin helps you evolve away from the email culture and enables state-of-the-art unidirectional communication where needed, while maintaining freedom for collaboration among employees with near limitless vertical and horizontal ways of sharing information.
We explain in more detail in our knowledge base article why collaborating via email is a bad idea.

Personalization Is Key

Linchpin uses extensive personalization to create a better flow of information. In particular when using top-down communication, Linchpin allows filtering of information presented to an individual based on their role in the company, their location, their language, or other criteria.  This means that employees will by default only be presented with information that is believed to be relevant to them.  This is achieved by leveraging our Custom User Profile plugin, which is a core component of Linchpin. For presenting news, Linchpin follows a hierarchical approach and distinguishes between global, "must see" news, target group-specific news, and personal news. 

Imagine a company with several sites in different locations around the world. There may be a global news feed in which all corporate news items from all locations are collected. Linchpin can filter these items based on users' profiles such that each employee gets only the items relevant to their location. Items categorized as "must see" are global and will be shown to all employees. In addition, each employee may choose additional news feeds they wish to subscribe to. Learn more about news in Linchpin in our knowledge base article.

A Confluence-Based Intranet

Linchpin - our Intranet Solution - is based on the well-established software Confluence from the Australian software vendor Atlassian. From a technical point of view, this is comprised of Confluence as the core plus several add-ons.

The add-ons are a mix of publicly available add-ons and in-house developed add-ons by //SEIBERT/MEDIA. This way, we equip Confluence with additional functionality that is essential for modern intranets while keeping it fully upgradable and compatible with the rest of the Atlassian world. The add-ons are carefully selected and configured to enable smooth interworking for a seamless and fun user experience. At the same time, we avoid a lock-in effect. Individual add-ons may be exchanged at any time and you may use the services of other providers as you deem necessary.

Our videos - Social Intranet with Confluence



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