We have found that occasionally customers and participants have problems with remote presentations because of poor internet connectivity. When these problems occur, communication is interrupted, making the presentations unviable. To prevent such frustrations and to be prepared for problems, you can test the speed and quality of your internet connectivity and send us the URL with your results.

We recommend the free online tool Speedtest.net. It quickly tests your download and upload speed. Speedtest.net provides a URL with your results that you can forward to us using the form below. It takes only a minute, and helps both us and you to avoid wasting time, and prepare for a smooth, problem-free presentation.

How it works

1. Go to Speedtest.net with your browser.

2. Click on 'Begin Test'.

3. Please have patience while the tool connects to the server and runs the tests.

4. Click on 'Share the Result', to generate the URL to the results of your test.

5. Copy the URL to your clipboard.

6. This URL is for the page with your test results. You can now paste the address into the form below and send it to us.

You can use any internet speed test tool that provides your results as a URL, so that you can send it to us for analysis.

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This content was last updated on 02/06/2019.

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