Atlassian has announced that they have made the decision to cancel the Atlassian Summit this year. After much consideration here at Seibert Media, we have decided to not travel to Las Vegas this year.

This means that we will also have to cancel our Info Session on Sunday, March 29th, and our deep dive sessions on Monday, March 30th.

We have decided to not do a remote Info Session event, but still want to provide you content and some material from talks we had already prepared for the event.

We are more than happy to offer you a remote deep dive session.

You will find more informations here:


Hampton Inn Event Center, 
4975 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas

Only 5 minutes from Mandalay Bay Convention Center.


Monday, 30 March 2020 
(one day before Atlassian Summit)
10 am to 3pm


· Atlassian customers
· Atlassian partners
· Atlassian app vendors
· Atlassian employees

This offering is part of our yearly Atlassian Infosession Event and offers more in depth learning opportunities for our solutions.


10 am - 11 am

This is going to be a detailed session with all things diagramming for Atlassian Partners and heavy users. If you're really into diagramming or if you're an Atlassian partner with diagramming customers, you should not miss this session. We'll cover the following topics:
  • Basics of diagramming in the Atlassian ecosystem
  • Main features, core features and new features of the recent months
  • Migrating from Gliffy to
  • Migrating from Lucidchart to
  • ...
Bastian Schmitt, Gaudenz AlderRoom 1
11 am - 1 pm

Linchpin Intranet

This Deep Dive will allow you to learn how to turn Atlassian Confluence into a fully fledged Social Intranet with the main aspects of our daily conversations with Linchpin customers. This is an interesting session for everyone interested in Linchpin both for partners and customers. We'll cover the following topics:

Adil NasriRoom 1
1 pm - 1:30 pm

Lunch from "In-N-Out Burger"

We'll get burgers for all participants.

Seibert Media paysRoom 2
1:30 pm - 3 pm

Agile Hive - SAFe with Atlassian Tools

In this session you'll learn how to do SAFe by the book with Atlassian Tools. This session is suitable for Atlassian customers and partners. We highly recommend Atlassian Partners to participate, as SAFe is a 'hot topic' for a lot of customers and Agile Hive is a simple, straight forward and affordable solution that works out of the box. Part of this session will be:

  • Learn about the deployment options for deploying SAFe with Atlassian Jira
Jan KuntscherRoom 1

We will use Room 2 as well for individual meetings and networking. Please feel free to contact us and schedule a conversation between 10am and 3 pm.

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