Summit in general

  • First a personal question: What was the Strategy & Operations Manager for Confluence doing during the Summit? Did you gave talks? Did you visit partners in the Expo Hall?
  • No summit without new product version and major feature announcements: Could you summarize the most important announcements? (Bamboo 6, Bitbucket 5, Portfolio Roadmaps, Kanban backlogs for JIRA ...)

Big topic: comprehensive design relaunch across all products called "Simply Powerful"

  • The keynote also gave some insights in terms of the Confluence re-design: Atlassian will not only modify the user interface but also change the editing experience. How will it look like? Does simplification mean throwing out features?
  • Atlassian is rolling out the new ux design to cloud products first (done with Bitbucket, coming soon to JIRA). When will it come to server products?
  • Obviously, the new ux is targeting a seamless cross-device usage. Any news about server compatible mobile apps? 
  • How is Atlassian devoloping the new design? Lots of user research? In what way is the Confluence team involved?
  • Where can we find more information about the new design and it's intention.

HipChat Data Center announced

  • What's the current state of development?
  • What about scalability? Can I use it with 50.000 people finally?
  • Any pricing information?

Trello: any specific news?

  • Michael Pryor and others talked a lot about Trello - but always kind of vague. What exactly does Atlassian has in store for Trello? We still don’t know. (wink)

Product strategy

  • Another big Summit topic was the future product development strategy across the various deployments (Cloud / Server / Data Center). How does Atlassian prioritize features and functional changes across the deployment options? Are there different approaches? 
  • Does Atlassian consider the cloud deployments as a kind of testing ground where feedback can be gathered and where functions can mature before they are delivered for server and data center?

Ending question

  • What is the perfect elevator pitch for Confluence in your opinion?
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