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In this section of the workshop, we will discuss types of events and who maintains them. You will define which type of event can be created in each space.

Important: Depending on the type of event created, various maintenance processes may be used. Events displayed on landing pages may need to go through an approval process. Additional add-ons may be required.

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Questions to consider about events

  • Type of events
    • What types of events are there?
  • Maintenance of events
    • Is there a process that should be followed when creating an event?
    • Who can create each type of event?
  • Display of events
    • Which pages should display events?
    • Which events should be displayed on the landing pages?
Answer some the questions above to clarify how events will be created and managed

Example event types

  • Seminars
  • Training courses
  • Lectures
  • Community of Practice events
  • Customer events
  • Conference with parallel sessions
  • Fair or exhibition
  • Hackathon
  • Company meetings
  • Open or lean format meetings (Lean Coffee, World Café, Open Space, Barcamp)

Define your events and event types

Type of eventPerson or group responsibleEmbed on pageInclude in all events/limit to a specific space
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