We expect applicants to critically reflect on themselves, identify areas for improvement, and communicate them openly. This applies to us as well. We do not want to give the impression of being a utopia. Just like any other organization, we have situations, structures, and processes that can and need to be improved.

Lack of Emphasis on Salary

At Seibert Media, as a relatively small company, we acknowledge certain disadvantages compared to industry giants. However, we actively address these shortcomings by focusing on other important factors.

We prioritize the overall well-being and organic growth of our company, not only for our own benefit but also for the benefit of our employees. We do not engage in salary bidding wars as it is not aligned with our values.

While we are committed to gradually increasing salaries, including in higher salary ranges, it is important to note that programmers may have the potential to earn more at companies like Google, Amazon, or large corporations. It's worth mentioning that many of our employees would be highly sought after at those companies, and they are well aware of this. Nevertheless, we strive every day to reaffirm their choice to be part of our team by continuously improving our work environment and offering competitive compensation packages.

Room for Autonomy that can be Overwhelming

We provide our employees and teams with a significant amount of autonomy. At Seibert Media, we believe in granting our employees and teams the freedom to decide and prioritize their activities on any given day. We do not have rigid, restrictive guidelines dictating how an individual workday should be structured. No colleague is micromanaged, specifying every detail of when, how, and what needs to be done during a workday. While this level of autonomy can sometimes be overwhelming and challenging for certain individuals, it aligns with our philosophy of providing employees with ample space to make decisions and act independently. Every colleague must adapt to this dynamic. It requires a high level of self-discipline from our employees. Rest assured, you won't be briefed in great detail every morning about the day's tasks.

Streamlined Processes

In our daily operations, employees are expected to navigate processes that may become repetitive, yet remain essential. Bureaucracy in this context does not imply being inundated with paperwork. However, certain aspects are crucial, such as diligently and accurately logging working hours in electronic systems and documenting one's results in the corresponding task tickets. These practices ensure streamlined workflows and effective collaboration.

Disadvantages and Deficits

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