A large number of Atlassian licenses are dependent on each other. Specifically, when you purchase two separate licenses, you must be aware that both licenses should have the same number of users. The main dependency here is the higher level of the Confluence or JIRA license.

Licenses purchased for Atlassian solutions are always linked to the parent licenses, which are as follows:

  • JIRA (Software, Core, Service Desk)
  • Confluence
  • Bitbucket Server
  • Bamboo

This means that new add-ons must always be licensed in such a way that they correspond to at least the higher-level parent license. In the following tabs, we have summarized exceptions or special cases.

Please note that add-ons are the same price regardless of whether you use Confluence as a Server or as a Data Center instance. However, it is important that the add-ons are available in the Atlassian Marketplace, specifically for Data Center.

License dependencies for JIRA


Since JIRA 7 was released, you can use JIRA Core as well as JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk in a server instance. JIRA add-ons (with very few exceptions) are always bound to the highest number of users in a JIRA license. This means in Scenario 1 that you have to license every add-on for 250 users, since JIRA software, with 250 users, has the most users. If, however, it is possible for you to organize the number of users equally (as described in scenario 2), then you would have to license all add-ons for 100 users only. This handling is especially interesting if you use cost-intensive third-party add-ons. By carefully balancing your user numbers in this way, you can save several thousand euros over the years.

Please note that JIRA Service Desk (as of May 2017) is also bound by this restriction. If you would like to use an add-on developed exclusively for JIRA Service Desk, you must license this add-on for 250 or 100 users, event hough you have 15 agents (because agent numbers are not counted in the Atlassian Marketplace). You could only avoid this rule by installing JIRA Service Desk on a server without JIRA Core and JIRA software.



License dependencies for Confluence


For Confluence, the majority of the add-ons are tied to the user license of the parent license. You can only bypass this rule if an add-on developer offers a different licensing structure. An example of this is Balsamiq, who offers the Balsamiq Mockups add-on in the Atlassian Marketplace (where the add-on is bound to the User numbers of your Confluence license), but you can purchase licenses appropriate to your needs from their external online shop, licenses which will function with Confluence. If you are unsure about any licensing options, please contact us and we will determine the most functional and inexpensive offer for you.

Crucible and FishEye are not tied to the user numbers of your JIRA products. You can register a different number of users. However, you need to keep in mind that if you use both products, the FishEye license must at least match the number of Crucible users to work.

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