Consulting Package Plus

Are you looking for advice on your Atlassian systems? Our experts are at your disposal as part of the Consulting Package Plus.
This package offers additional benefits. Please find out more about our additional services below or contact us for more information.



Guaranteed Availability

The easiest way to a fast, direct and reliable support by a consultant at Seibert Media is through the Consulting Package Plus. Signing up for the Consulting Package Plus guarantees you will have access to a consultant who reserves 8 hours each month to assist you in handing all concerns you may have surround your Atlassian system. In addition, the consultant has access to official channels that will connect you to the right specialist if there are any questions or concerns that lie outside of his or her domain expertise. This ensures that we are able to assist you in a direct and straightforward manner on all topics related to your Atlassian system. 

Do you have a technical question that a system administrator needs to answer? Is there a service desk issue that requires ITIL know-how? Does WSJF need to be set up in Jira for the upcoming Spring Planning? We will make sure that you receive the assistance you need as a part of the Consulting Package Plus. 

Additional Services

Online Training Included Service

A Consulting Package Plus does not only consist of consulting - the Plus in the name grants you access to additional services that Seibert Media provides, which can be used exclusively within the scope of your subscription. As a first step in the Consulting Package Plus, an additional service is our popular online training courses. You will receive a voucher code from us that allows you and your colleagues to participate in up to 5 online trainings per month. From "Jira Agile Boards" to "Content Design in Confluence", you have access to a wide range of courses that can easily be attended online and at no additional cost. 

Innovative Developments

We are gradually expanding the catalog of additional services that you can use as part of the Consulting Package Plus. We want to make the Consulting Package Plus a fully comprehensive offering that provides our most loyal Atlassian customers with a wide range of advantages and benefits. We have the following services in our backlog and plan to implement them over the next 6-12 months:

  • Moderated customer community in Slack for direct networking of our key customers
  • E-learning content for Confluence and Jira
  • German-language documentation of Atlassian base software
  • Exclusive webinars from our development teams with insights on our product development 


The monthly costs for a consulting package Plus is €900.

In return, you will receive up to 8 hours of consulting from us every month, a permanent consultant as a contact person, internal networking with consultants from other domains and participation in up to 5 online training courses. 

Please refer to the system access information at

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