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Project and service description of a Linchpin project


With the following content, we want to show you how a typical project develops - from the initial idea through planning and implementation to rollout. Here you'll find all the details about the workshop and training sessions we run with you as part of a Linchpin project, as well as helpful links to our services and support packages.

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Services in a typical Linchpin project

As part of our Linchpin project, we offer a range of services.
These are workshops and training courses for users and administrators at various professional levels, as well as a service package and a support package. In this way, we aim to ensure that your project is as successful as possible and that your employees are happy with the new intranet.


Training courses

More information
More workshops

Depending on which components you have selected for your Linchpin system, you can carry out further workshops.

Space Privacy workshop for Extranet projects

Exemplary time frame
ConceptTime frame
Kickoff workshop5-7 weeks

Structure workshop
Conceptual workshop

Design workshop


Initial theming prototype

6-12 weeks


Editor training
Content migration

Power user training

3-6 weeks

Train-the-trainer training

Test concept
Go-Live15-25 weeks (4-7 months)

Are you interested in a Linchpin prototype?

Do you want to see what Linchpin looks and feels like or do you want to create your Linchpin intranet yourself?

→ Experience Linchpin live!

Linchpin operating package

You don't necessarily have to host the Linchpin intranet yourself. Instead, we can operate and maintain your instance.

→ More info regarding our Linchpin operating package

Linchpin support package

We also offer a comprehensive Linchpin support package with first, second and third level support. This includes a dedicated Linchpin support team to assist you with questions and resolve issues with you via live chat, email and phone.

→ More info regarding our Linchpin support package

Course of a typical Linchpin project

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Milestones and dates

Project week


1st week

Written order placement

4th week

Start of the first (official) sprint

6th week

First sprint review (official presentation of Interim results)

7th week

Availability of the first prototype with a large part of the functions

8th week

The prototype is set up on the customer's systems (requires the support of your IT)

8th week

Second sprint review (official presentation of interim results)

10th week

Third sprint review (official presentation of interim results)

12th week

Fourth sprint review (official presentation of interim results)

14th week

Fifth sprint review (official presentation of interim results)

16th week

The testing phase is completed, new intranet portal goes into production

18th week

Acceptance has been granted. Project completed.


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