• Give uns some insights in terms of collaboration with Confluence and HipChat in your own team at Atlassian.
    • Some weeks ago Atlassian delivered a new Confluence integration for HipChat. What can you tell us about the features and capabilities?
    • The benefits of integrating Confluence in HipChat are obvious. But what about the other way round (HipChat -> Confluence)? What capabilities do teams have?
    • HipChat Data Center is underway. Does this release address the IT stuff only for now or will there be some new end user features, too? Will there be some new integrative functions for Confluence?
    • Confluence can be integrated in nearly every mature group chat tool. Why should it be HipChat?
    • In the Atlassian Summit's ShipIt Live session, our colleagues from K15t announced a project called Bobble Heads: the cursor in Confluence transforms into a videochat to discuss a Confluence page face to face. Do you know more about this integration?
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