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With Checklists - Easy, Quick, Exact Workflows in Teams, mistakes and forgetfulness in your processes are a thing of the past. Through checklist templates you can create a new checklist in seconds. Even from a smartphone and without a login.

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The power of checklists

It is not without reason that checklists are also used where life and death are at stake: in hospitals, at airports or by the fire brigade, for example. Studies show that even very well-trained people skip process steps or make mistakes if the necessary steps are known in principle but are not transparent and comprehensible at the moment of execution.

Checklists offer a whole range of advantages:

  • Transparency about the necessary steps and the current processing status
  • Significant acceleration in the onboarding of new employees
  • The error rate in the execution of the work steps is reduced.
  • The number of process steps skipped "by mistake" decreases considerably.
  • Well-established standards lead to more consistent results (expressed e.g. in customer experience)

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Areas of application for checklists

There is a whole range of applications for checklists:

  • Checklists in HR management

    • Application process

    • Onboarding of employees

    • Staff appraisals

    • Employee offboarding

  • Checklists in Sales

    • Qualification of inquiries

    • Quotation preparation

    • New customer onboarding

  • Checklists in Marketing

    • Event organization

    • Publication of content

  • Checklists in Software Development

    • Software releases

    • Acceptance tests

    • Review documents

  • Checklists for general team collaboration

    • Team-Weeklys

    • Organization of team events

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Areas of application for checklists

Easy creation and management with templates

The creation and management of checklists is simple and fast. Templates for checklists can be created by naming and briefly listing the work steps. They can then be shared so that other employees can also access these checklists.

Compiling a checklist can also be done collaboratively in a workshop format:

  • Collect all tasks within the scope of the task (e.g. on notepads)
  • Organize and prioritize tasks - in what order should they be processed?
  • Compile the structured task list in a checklist

That's it. The checklist can now be used to carry out the process with reliable quality. If necessary, additional items can be added, items can be removed, or the order can be changed.

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