Certification trainings for Certified Confluence and JIRA Professional by //SEIBERT/MEDIA and Atlassian User Groups (AUG)

//SEIBERT/MEDIA offers certification trainings for Certified Confluence and JIRA Professional in combination with individual meetings of regional Atlassian User Groups (AUG). The certification training and AUG are independent of each other. As an Atlassian partner, //SEIBERT/MEDIA does not conduct AUG, but supports regional AUG leaders in their organization . Attendance of the AUG is free.


The dual events are made up of two blocks:

  • Certification training via //SEIBERT/MEDIA (On site training with a //SEIBERT/MEDIA consultant in the live system and electronic test)
  • Optional: Meeting of Atlassian User Group with presentations and exchange

The trainings to Certified Confluence Professional and certified JIRA Professional are limited to approximately five hours. They consist of a training on site with an experienced Confluence and JIRA consultant from //SEIBERT/MEDIA. The attendants will be working directly in a test system. The certificates will be received after successful completion of an electronic test.

Sample Certificate

Target groups

The certification courses are geared towards customers, who have already gained experience in working with Confluence or JIRA, but who are no professional users. The trainings give you the basis for an effective and efficient use, tips and tricks, actual use cases and options of integration with other systems (such as MS Office).

We offer special conditions for enterprises.

Why you should attend a certification training

  • Good for the internal standing in the business as a user of Atlassian Software
  • Creation of a standardized knowledge level within the business (rollout strategy)
  • Commitment from the enterprise for Atlassian software and qualification of the employees
  • Proof for third parties, where you are pursuing Atlassian specific tasks (i.e. agencies and freelancer)
  • Have your Atlassian competencies proven with a certification

Content of training for Certified Confluence Professional

  • Basic navigation elements
  • Create and edit pages
  • Revision security
  • Safe and secure documents
  • Import content from Office / Office-Connector
  • Image galleries
  • Hierarchy tree
  • Online diagrams in the wiki
  • Multimedia widgets
  • Internal messages and weblogs
  • Watching and RSS feeds
  • Installation of extensions

Content of training for Certified JIRA-Professional

  • Create and edit issues
  • Issue navigator: search, filter, personal subscriptions
  • GreenHopper: Map overview, release planning via drag & drop, edit view, burn down diagrams
  • Basic workflows
  • JIRA dashboards
  • Project overview with integrated reports
  • Structuring opportunities in JIRA (projects, components, versions, …)
  • Basic rights configuration

Certified Confluence Professional and JIRA Professional

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