These are standard trainings, which generally don't have individual topics.

Discount: 50% starting with the second attendee at our site

In our open certification courses, businesses, that send more than one employee, receive a discount of 50% starting with the second employee. For example, if three employees from your company attend, we will charge the full fee once and twice half the fee.

5 participant Confluence certification in San Diego at US$ 2,260.00.

You can have your own certification course at //SEIBERT/MEDIA San Diego, if you bring 5 participants to San Diego. The costs are 1x750 + 4x375 = 2,250.00 US$

Please note:


These are standard trainings, that don't include specific topics. You can find all information on individual workshops that we offer here: Atlassian workshops and trainings - offers and costs.

In house training at your site

We gladly conduct the certification training at your location. We will bring our complete infrastructure with previously configured attendee notebooks and servers and configure them on site. The maximum number of participants is 12.

The following global fees are due: 

Certification training

Maximum number of participants

Global fees

Confluence Certified Professional


US$ 3,430.00

JIRA Certified Professional


US$ 4,110.00

Traveling expenses are charged additionally.

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