Our employees are not just highly qualified, they are also thought leaders and knowledge influencers, both within and outside the company. We recognize that the expertise of our employees is our most valuable asset. However, with the internet and corporate communication evolving so rapidly, it is important for us to stay ahead of the curve. To ensure that we are prepared for any future developments, Seibert Media encourages our employees to continuously upgrade and further their education, and we actively support them in doing so.

Basic Benefits


  • Healthcare Insurance

  • Dental Insurance

  • Other supplemental insurance offers including but not limited to; life, disability, etc.

  • 401k retirement plan with up to 5% match

  • 25 days of paid time off (PTO)

  • 11 paid holidays

  • Flexible work schedule

  • Company supplied equipment for full remote office setup


  • Healthcare cost reimbursement

  • 25 days of paid time off (PTO)

  • 11 paid holidays

  • Flexible work schedule

  • Company supplied equipment for full remote office setup

Individual Further Education

At our company, each employee has the freedom to decide how they want to continue their education. We offer all team members the opportunity to attend relevant external training events, such as workshops, trade shows, conferences, and training sessions, without any financial restrictions or need for approvals.

Acquiring Certificates

At Seibert Media, our employees have the opportunity to regularly acquire certificates in their respective areas of expertise. We organize and fund the necessary seminars for our team members. For instance, many of our colleagues have recently completed training programs to become certified Scrum Product Owners or Scrum Masters. This not only helps them develop and improve their skills, but also enhances their marketability and career prospects.

On-The-Job Training

Each new employee is paired with an experienced colleague who acts as a pilot during their probationary period and can be approached for any questions they may have. We also implement an active system of mutual support among colleagues, where everyone is available to provide guidance and assistance to new hires, ensuring they get up to speed as quickly as possible.

The Buddy Program

At Seibert Media, each employee is assigned a buddy to support them throughout their journey at the company and to assist with various matters, such as identifying their further education needs, ensuring job satisfaction, providing general feedback, offering specific and situational feedback, including constructive criticism, negotiating salaries, identifying career development opportunities, and more. Buddies serve as a valuable resource for finding the appropriate contacts or committees to address any challenges that arise.

Regular Training Sessions

We prioritize regular internal training sessions at Seibert Media to discuss both current developments and basic knowledge. Our aim is to ensure that all colleagues have the relevant fundamental knowledge, while also encouraging them to broaden their perspective beyond their specific roles. This approach benefits both our organization and our employees.

Employee Satisfaction

At Seibert Media, we value the satisfaction of our employees and regularly conduct traditional satisfaction surveys to gather feedback. Additionally, we also take into consideration anonymous feedback from employees at the end of each workday, as well as anonymous reviews on platforms such as Glassdoor, as part of our ongoing efforts to improve.

An enterprise thrives because of its employees, and employees rely on the company that employs them. At Seibert Media, we believe this creates not only a reciprocal relationship but an intense one. No one is simply a small and replaceable cog in our wheel, but a respected individual with unique skills. Our approach to sustainable and long-term collaboration is built on individual performance towards shared goals, identification with the company, and strong collegiality.

We want our colleagues to propel our company forward with their knowledge and skills. We believe that respect, trust, open communication, and above all, an environment where every employee feels comfortable and can channel all their energy towards a shared goal are key to achieving this.

For us, every completed project is a joint achievement. And a sense of community can only develop when all employees feel comfortable, know their contribution to the bigger picture, and see themselves as part of a cohesive and collaborative team, despite their individuality.

We benefit from the knowledge of our colleagues, and our employees derive personal benefits from additional know-how. That's why we encourage and support almost any form of active further training and reward it through our flexible and performance-based compensation system.

Benefits and Opportunities

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