Audit log for checklists

Keep track of all checklist activities in the audit log

The audit log for checklists makes managing checklists more transparent and accountable. It's designed to help users keep track of all the changes made to their checklists. It offers several key benefits, enhancing checklist management. Firstly, it ensures transparency by allowing you to see every change made to a checklist. Secondly, it brings accountability into focus by clearly showing who made each change and when. This feature also serves as a reliable proof of completion, providing a record of all actions taken. Lastly, it fosters better collaboration among teams by efficiently displaying recent changes, helping team members to coordinate and update their efforts in real-time.

Accessing the audit log in the Didit hub

Open the checklist you want to review via the Didit hub. Then, use the three-dot menu to navigate to the audit log. Currently, the audit log is accessible in the Didit hub and Jira issue view.

Accessing the audit log in the Jira issue view

Open the Jira issue you want to review. Then, scroll down in the issue to the "Didit checklist log."

Detailed tracking

The audit log records every action on a checklist, including additions and changes, and displays the time of each change along with the user who made it.

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This page was last edited on 06/25/2024.