After the order

Of course, after we have received your order, you will receive a confirmation of the services or licenses you have ordered. Please inform us at the earliest when you give us the order, if you have any requirements or wishes regarding the design of this confirmation (e.g. changed addressing or order numbers). Your order for services or licenses will then be processed as follows. 

Your service order   Your license order

Service order

What happens now?

After official commissioning, the relevant specialist team will contact you promptly to agree dates and further details.

Customer extranet

In our Customer extranet, based on Confluence, we will be happy to provide you with a large amount of information free of charge in a separate, rights-protected area on request: current reports on the progress of the project, project status, invoices and performance records, overviews of the budget status, progress graphs for budget consumption and invoice amounts, etc. This way, you are not only informed about the project status at all times, but you also always have an overview of budgets and schedules.

Are you interested in your own extranet?

License order

Availability of your licenses

We will purchase the licenses immediately following the dispatch of the order confirmation (unless you inform us that the licenses are to be obtained at a later date). For the purchase, we need to register a technical contact at Atlassian. If you have already given us an Atlassian account for this contact (name and email address have been provided), your licenses will appear in your myAtlassian account immediately after the purchase and there you can take the keys. If you are not yet an Atlassian customer, an email from Atlassian will be sent to the registered address immediately after the purchase with a request for account verification. After completing this registration, you can also view the keys directly here.


Billing and delivery notes

After purchasing your licenses, you will promptly receive the invoice for the licenses you have purchased (usually within one day). With this invoice you will also receive a delivery note in which the individual licenses with keys are listed once again (exception here are Atlassian Cloud licenses, here there are no keys, the instance is simply switched to productive).

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