As diverse as the requirements for a contemporary and future-oriented full-service provider are, the professional services that we successfully offer are just as diverse. Seibert Media is active in four essential areas of expertise.


Our CONSULTING department comprises various areas of expertise, including agility, corporate communication & social media, usability, strategy & technology consulting, conception, and online marketing. We view CONSULTING as purposeful procedures that adhere to well-defined strategic directives, aimed at generating clear intentions and precise plans, which are essential for achieving business success.


Our approach to high-quality design of web and software interfaces is that design and technology should work together optimally. Designs by Seibert Media are goal-oriented and achievable, while also being creative and individual. And above all: They work. Our concepts incorporate the strategic goals of our clients as well as current trends and the expectations of the target audience. In addition to web technology expertise, our design team has experience from numerous projects in the field of corporate identity and corporate design.


Our highly skilled developers deliver flexible, scalable, robust, and modular technical solutions to our clients. The TECHNOLOGIES department excels in frontend development, backend programming, and system integration. For software development, Seibert Media primarily uses state-of-the-art Java technologies and agile methodologies.


Our SYSTEMS department has evolved from the IT department of Seibert Media. The competencies of our SYSTEMS professionals lie in classic web and email hosting, as well as enterprise hosting with highly available cluster systems. In the future, we also want to strongly focus on secure hosting, performance and load testing, as well as web security testing.

At Seibert Media, we foster collaboration among highly specialized experts who work in self-responsible, interdisciplinary teams. Our results are based on cross-functional thinking and action, continuous professional exchange, and the close integration of our areas of expertise.

Our employees have a pronounced interdisciplinary knowledge and the ability to understand challenges not only in relation to their work area but to seek holistic solutions. We prefer to work according to agile methodologies, which ensure the highest quality, maximum flexibility, and the intensive, collaborative involvement of our customers.

About Us

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