The Leading Diagramming Solution for Confluence & JIRA

(star) (star) (star) (star) enables you to collaborate seamlessly in creating diagrams that aid the communication of information in both Confluence pages and Jira issues.

Since 2005 the technology behind has been used by over 50% of the Fortune 100 companies to create flowcharts, wireframes, mockups, network diagrams, org charts, UML, BPMN and ERD diagrams, mindmaps and much more.

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Why was the first browser native diagramming plugin for both Confluence and Jira, plus:

  • consistently the highest rated Atlassian ecosystem plugin
  • fully behind the Firewall implementation to German privacy standards
  • plugin system enables you to customize any part of
  • comprehensive browser support, including IE6+ and touch devices
  • companies using the plugins include:
    Oracle, Time Inc, Harvard, Honda, Estee Lauder
    Boeing, Spirent, Opera Software, Agilent, Autodesk
    Toyota, Blizzard, T-Systems, McLane, Mitsubishi


Advantages of

Functionality for power users and ease of use for occasional users is designed to provide most common used features readily within the user interface, but also provide power users with the details they need, like Visio file import and importing diagrams from Gliffy for Confluence. 

Data Center Support for Confluence and Jira both fully support the Data Center versions of their host products. Because the CPU load is moved to the browser with, the plugins scale seamlessly as your cluster grows.

Enterprise grade technology foundation

mxGraph, the market leading solution and only library that works in any browser without a plugin is the basis of the technology used for mxGraph is the strongest and most mature browser diagramming component, used in the majority of Enterprises today.

Complete customizability

Each component of the diagram editor is fully customizable, via the programmatic API. You can adjust the whole editor for the user’s individual requirements – customizing the interface, the design or the functionality of the actual drawing tool. is the only plugin of its kind offering these possibilities.

Support of all enterprise infrastructures

It is not uncommon for employees of large companies and corporations to work with outdated browsers such as Internet Explorer 8. completely supports all browsers down to IE6 (without any loss of functionality) and is therefore ideal for enterprise environments.

Performance is entirely written in-house, from scratch with performance in mind for the highest responsiveness in the editor. Interactions such as dragging, rotating, scaling and connecting of objects are smooth, not only on high performance computers, but also on older machines and mobile devices with limited performance power.

Open, Standard and Transparent is an HTML5 application with full fallback to HTML 4, plus data is stored in human readable XML. As Atlassian do for Confluence and Jira, we offer access to the source control repositories on Bitbucket for customers to view the source code of our plugins.

Entire mobile support is responsively performant and fully functional also on mobile devices. The diagrams are not only visible but can also be edited by means of gesture control on smartphones and tablets.

Seamless integration with Confluence and Jira

Data is saved in Confluence or Jira – nowhere else. does not use any cloud services of any kind but runs on its own infrastructure behind the firewall in the same way Confluence and Jira server editions do.

We are Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

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