The next Conference Tools4AgileTeams is planned for September 2017 in Wiesbaden/Germany.

Check the latest info any time on the Tools4AgileTeams Page.

The Vision of this Conference:

Interchanging of the sense and nonsense of the use of tools used by agile software-development teams and their optimal use. The base is a broad understanding of tools. Analog tools like physical boards, timeboxes and similar helpers to complete the work of agile teams will be incorporated.

Here you can find the videos recorded in English during the events of the past years.

Tools4AgileTeams 2016

Keynote at Tools4AgileTeams by Nicholas Muldoon (founder of Arijea): "Agility is Strong Teams Delivering Customer Value".

Presentation by Boris Kneisel and Gorka Puente „TRACE the DRAGON: Agile Business Development - synchronizing Portfolio-Kansan with Team-Boards".

Presentation by Bartek Gatz „Building an Agile Pack - remote collaboration in planning".

Manuel Küblböck with „Pulling in the same direction with autonomous teams“.

Jimmy Lundström: „Get Things Done in JIRA“.

Nicholas Muldoon presented "Essentials of Agile User Story Mapping.

Peter Lie and Jan de Baere with their presentation „What makes you and your colleagues being fragile?.

Valeriy Burmistrov: „Scaling of Agile and Quality @avira“.

Tools4AgileTeams 2014



Tools4AgileTeams 2014: Stories of Remote Teams Doing Great Things Together (Lisette Sutherland).

Tools4AgileTeams 2013


Jon Terry (COO of LeanKit) about Scrum, Kanban, Agile and Lean and how you use these methods the right way.

David Simpson (Senior Developer at AppFusions) about AppFusions, their software and the Tools4Agile Teams Conference 2013.

Jon Terry (COO of LeanKit) introducing LeanKit - a tool for agile teams.

Rally Software for Agile Teams.

Tools4AgileTeams 2012

(Sorry for a not perfect video quality in these recordings.)

Wanda Marginean and Phillip McKenzie Smith (Rally Software) on their presence in Germany and their agile approach.

Wanda Marginean's (Rally Software) presentation "As a member of an agile team I want..."

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