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Customer testimonials already received for the intranet book

Horst BuckEnBW ODR AG

“[...] Martin Seibert bubbles with ideas and offers a continuous stream of essential tips for setting up and running a social intranet. [...] We introduced a social intranet six months ago I recognized myself in this book several times and now find myself benefiting from Martin’s myriad suggestions and tips in my everyday work, thank you.”

Andre VoßkampSparda-Bank Münster eG

“[...] Martin Seibert makes it easy to see how much experience and knowledge he has in this complex series of topics, and he brings them to life vividly. In the future, I will certainly be looking up one text passage or the other and use it to help me in my work. Thank you very much!”

CB: works for a major insurance company

“This is not how I imagined I would be spending my Sunday - but now, after a little more than 6 hours, I’m ‘finished,’ and pretty much exhausted as well. But I am also very impressed with your work! You’ve put a lot of experience into this book, and it certainly is beneficial. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to read an advance copy of your book. I will discuss your call to test shortlisted systems extensively in advance with our project manager tomorrow.”

Marcel NeufertIPROconsult GmbH

“Thank you for giving me the chance to read your wonderful book in advance! As the person who launched a Linchpin intranet suite at our company a couple of years ago, I found it full of countless inspiring snippets of information and some real food for thought. I was able to draw parallels with many of the points raised and agree with you wholeheartedly on all of them. It is exciting to evaluate my own project in light of this book and reflect on it while still experiencing new approaches to further developments! [...] It is also written in a very refreshing and readable style. Thank you!”

Bettina MarquardtUelzener Versicherung

“No matter what phase your social intranet project finds itself in, this book covers a variety of suggestions and offers real food for thought regarding the further development of your in-house intranet.”

Dennis ErdmannUzin Utz AG

“This book takes up many of the same points we addressed when we introduced our own intranet. Several of the views in it were familiar to me, and I also discovered several new and interesting outlooks and solutions. This book was born out of a real-life situation, which really appeals to me. You can see that the ideas and problems have already been tested and improved upon.

Whether you are in the process of improving an existing intranet or building one that is new and more extensive, reading this book is really worth your while.”

Olaf StehrAxpo Solutions

“This book is a treasure trove of valuable ideas and is guaranteed to make your new intranet a success! Recommended reading for anyone who wants to introduce a modern platform for communication, work organization, and collaboration in their company.”

Simon KerschbaummayrTBP Engineering GmbH

“The author knows how to convey his practical knowledge, both fluently and clearly in a relaxed style. A book well worth reading by anyone who wants to introduce a social intranet at their company or, like us, is looking for ways to improve it. Absolutely recommended reading! Keep it up!”

Peter DirksenADM GmbH

“In his book, Martin Seibert addresses problems that every company encounters when planning and implementing an intranet. The knowledge this book conveys will make it possible for anyone planning a project of this type to overcome even the greatest of hurdles. Using examples, Martin Seibert describes how an active social intranet can have a positive impact on corporate culture - if you allow it to.”

Kristijan LuburicvenITure GmbH

“A very good book that is full of insights on using an intranet and improving communication. Anyone who has ever worked with Linchpin will see that it gives Confluence and the people who use it a new lease on life. A fantastic book that I can only recommend.”

Amazon Customer

“It is imperative that you read this book before launching your intranet. It describes the points you need to take into account before introducing an intranet at a company in an easily understandable and pleasant tone. The author clearly has an in-depth knowledge of the topic and writes fluidly and understandably. Absolutely recommendable!”

Amazon Customer

“In his book, Martin Seibert summarizes his entire corporate communications experience and the support it receives and what hinders it. Nowhere else have I seen such a comprehensive and profound, yet practical, explanation of the fundamental dilemma between traditional tasks, like email communication and its disadvantages, and completely different approaches explained so transparently and on equal terms. For me, this book is a must when it comes to designing modern and, above all, people-centric methods of collaboration.”

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